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Identify a Pool Cue With no Markings

Identify a Pool Cue With no Markings

I have a pool cue that I am trying to identify.

I got it out of a storage unit my dad and I bought.

It looks very nice its a 5 piece cue but has no outstanding markings so I'm looking for some help.

Identify a Pool Cue With no Markings

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  1. megamanwichFox523 on 12/19/2010 2:58:24 PM

    I am sorry to say this - but to be honest, don't waste your time.

    It is a cheap, 5-piece. Probably made in Taiwan. It has no real value. Trust me.

    We have one that a player left behind at the pool hall I work for. Nobody has claimed it for ten years. (Nobody has even tried to steal it!)

    It is unplayable because the shaft is jointed which can be darned inconvenient when taking certain shots. Carved (engraved) grips are also a bad sign (the wierd shaped carving will bring some subtle wobbles into the stroke.) All in all, unless you frame it and hang it on your wall as a novelty, it has no real purpose. If you can sell it for more than $10 USD - consider yourself lucky.

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Identify a Pool Cue With no Markings

  • Title: Identify a Pool Cue With no Markings
  • Author:
  • Published: 12/15/2010 7:34:03 AM