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thedoorsguy Billiard Forum Profile Avatar Image
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Robert J. Thomas (aka: Bob Thomas)
Occupation: Retired
Gloucester City, NJ United States

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About Me

I often list eBay auctions of Vintage BBC Co. Dual Retracting Chalk rigs sometimes with a Harley-Davidson or NASCAR counterweight, under the seller ID "thedoorsguy".

I currently have an ANTIQUE BBC Co. one listed, and will have more including another VINTAGE BBC Co. one soon.

I will also have a VINTAGE one designed primarily for drop-pocket tables (w/o ball returns) that comprises a pulley-weight hanging on dark green cord from pulleys under-table, from head-to-foot ends, where the black rubber-covered duplex steel chalk holders tuck under the rails. It would also make an attractive ceiling-hanging rig.

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  • Pool Table: Willie Mosconi

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