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1969 Fischer Duchess Pool Table

1969 Fischer Duchess Pool Table

I'm looking for any information I can find on a variety of pool table made by Fischer in the late 60s. I have an 8' one (Duchess model) that was bought in 1969. It has what they called a steel reinforced honeycomb playfield, which is apparently a honeycomb structure sandwiched between steel plate and high density fiberboard. The entire playfield reacts to a magnet, both top and bottom. It takes 4 men to move it without straining. There's not a bit of warp or other problem with it except for the felt, even after almost 40 years of abuse by 4 kids, and everything from birthday parties to keggers, to upending it and moving it on the back of a pickup.

I'm having trouble finding anyone that knows how to recover it. I've come up pretty empty "googling" for information on this kind of table. Apparently no other pool table manufacturers used this kind of playfield structure, but its lasted so well, I'm surprised nobody makes them this way anymore.

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