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Vintage BBC Co. Dual Retracting Chalk

Vintage BBC Co. Dual Retracting Chalk

I often list eBay auctions of Vintage BBC Co. Dual Retracting Chalk rigs sometimes with a Harley-Davidson or NASCAR counterweight, under the seller ID "thedoorsguy".

I currently have an ANTIQUE BBC Co. one listed for "ANTIQUE Brunswick Balke Collender Retracting Dual Chalk"


It is Item number 290190945331, sub-title VINTAGE BBC Co Wgt./Cord/Chalkgrips/Pulleys

Soon I will have more including another VINTAGE BBC, 1 NASCAR & 2 different H-D's.

I will also have a VINTAGE one designed primarily for drop-pocket tables (without ball returns) that comprises a pulley-weight hanging on dark green cord from pulleys under-table, from head-to-foot ends, where the black rubber-covered duplex steel chalk holders tuck under the rails. It would also make an attractive ceiling-hanging rig.


The item above has been relisted $10 lower by thedoorsguy (click for seller's list)

  • ANTIQUE Brunswick Balke Collender Retracting Dual Chalk
  • VINTAGE BBC Co Wgt./Cord/Chalkgrips/Pulleys


Vintage BBC Co. Dual Retracting Chalk

Replies & Comments

  1. thedoorsguybilliardsforum on 12/17/2007 6:14:24 AM

    Normally I don't allow commercial postings (you are a regular seller on eBay) but this is cool. Nice piece of billiard history.

  2. thedoorsguycuenut on 2/12/2008 12:47:25 PM

    I think there are also reproductions of the originals floating out there, but I don't know how to tell the difference. Nice cool item though!

  3. thedoorsguythedoorsguy on 2/19/2008 7:55:08 PM

    Thanks for the comment!

    Those repros are of the BBC Co. shield counterweight itself (so I've heard from one eBayer), and NOT the complete apparatus, nor the rig shown above. It is completely vintage and authentic.

    See the Supplementary Offer towards the bottom of my current item "ANTIQUE Brunswick Balke Collender Retracting Dual Chalk"

    As shown in pictures 10 - 12 of the listing for my vintage-style contemporary parts assembled in a rig for adding a BBC Co. shield counterweight, whether vintage or repro, for a ready-to-install, full-functioning apparatus.

    Please note the difference in the pulleys between the vintage set and the supplementary offer.

    Also, check out the NASCAR rig "Brunswick Balke Collender"Retracting Dual Chalk"


    Here's a couple recent installations I customized for owners of BBC Co. Twentieth Century pool tables restored by themselves. Notice how these "vintage" retracting chalk holders become a focal point complementing the circa 1930s billiard tables and tasteful billiard room decor.

    This 10-foot high ceiling room with the big RR clock has a single "Ideal Chalk Hanger" too, also provided by myself, (appearing to bisect the clock view) for pre-break chalkups.

    The other classy room below has a lower ceiling at 8 feet.

    There is a 6 foot headroom clearance for the retracted chalk holders & counterweight.

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Vintage BBC Co. Dual Retracting Chalk

  • Title: Vintage BBC Co. Dual Retracting Chalk
  • Author: (Robert Thomas)
  • Published: 12/13/2007 10:40:39 PM