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Identify Old Karl Meyer Pool Cue

Identify Old Karl Meyer Pool Cue

I purchased this new back in the late 1980's at a local pool hall I frequented. At the time I was told by the manager that it was a Palmer Cue. I remember paying a nice sum for it back in the day. It has been stored for almost 30 years and I wanted to try to get any additional information about it that I can

Can anyone help to identify it?


Identify Old Karl Meyer Pool Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. user1529805505Chopdoc on 6/24/2018 9:42:15 AM

    What you have there is a Karl Mayer cue IMHO. Better pics would help. But I am about 95% sure.


    Maker of pool cues in North Plainfield, New Jersey until 2003.

    Karl Meyer made Merry Widow-type cues, either plain or with inlays of dots and diamonds, in North Plainfield, New Jersey for many years. Karl and his wife traveled around the East Coast selling them to pool rooms, and Mrs. Meyer handled the cue sales. The cues retailed for $60-80 apiece. Karl is believed to have worked for Frank Paradise or Palmer at one time. He passed on in 2003.

    Source: bluebookofpoolcuevalues.com/pool_cue_values/Pool_Cue_Manufacturer.aspx?id=KARL_MEYER_CUE

  2. user1529805505user1529805505 on 6/24/2018 9:11:03 PM

    Thanks for the information. I am adding a few more pictures if it helps to confirm your initial thoughts.

    Pool-Cue-1.jpg Pool-Cue-3.jpg Pool-Cue-2.jpg



  3. user1529805505Chopdoc on 6/25/2018 8:31:41 AM

    Yes, it's a Karl Meyer cue.

    Looks like you kept it in nice shape too.

  4. user1529805505Mustang Joe on 3/15/2020 5:44:21 PM

    That is a Karl Meyer cue stick.

    I had the pleasure of knowing Karl Mayer and his wife very well. I actually worked with him for two months, for free, just to help out and to learn from him.

    I have quite a collection of his best pool cues especially the Rambo.

    He had regular cue sticks, simple looking ones like that one in the picture, but he also had the good stuff put away that he made 30 to 40 years ago which I was lucky enough to have bought. Me and another guy, Mickey, were able to buy some of the good cue sticks that Karl had put away that he didn't want to sell. He did sell us both one of his Rambo cues each. I still have mine.

    If anybody has any questions about Karl Meyer cues, feel free to ask.

  5. user1529805505Chopdoc on 3/16/2020 11:04:13 AM

    I would love to see some pictures.

    Any history you can contribute would be appreciated as well.

    I have one of his cues. New and never chalked. Not fancy though.

  6. user1529805505user1585413987 on 3/28/2020 9:46:28 AM

    I have a Karl Mayer I bought in the med 70's. Looks very much like the one pictured only the rings at the joint are pearl. I will get pics but would love to see some of Karl's other work.

  7. user1529805505billiardsforum on 3/28/2020 10:21:19 AM

    @ser1585413987 - Looking forward to seeing photos of your Karl Mayer cue.

    @Mustang Joe - Same goes for you too. You can't just tease us with that story and not show some of your collection!

    I assume you've all seen the Karl Mayer cue brochure that's floating around? It doesn't have either of the cues above pictured in it, but cool to see nonetheless.

    Also worth noting - It is "M**a**yer" not "M**e**yer. This brochure spells his name "Karl Mayer" (with an "a") - which is correct, but the Blue Book of pool cues mis-spells "Meyer" in the heading (but does get it correct as "Mayer" in the cue-maker blurb").


  8. user1529805505user1585413987 on 3/28/2020 6:12:40 PM

    I bought this cue when I think I was 15 or 16. In 1975 or 76. Only used for one year and bought an Adam cue. I stopped playing at when I was 18 or 19 and gave the Adam cue to my father when a house he bought had a pool table. My brother broke the shaft on the Adam and I do not know what happened to it.

    I kept this Karl Mayer cue for sentimental reasons.

    Five or six years ago I was in a bar just watching guys play pool. The best guy was winning and puffing his chest out and I thought that it wouldn't take to long to be at his level. So I started playing a little. I'm really enjoying it.

    I used the Mayer cue for three years and then bought a Predator. I love the Mayer cue but it still has its original finish.

    image.jpg image.jpg

  9. user1529805505dbrads on 5/8/2020 5:50:24 PM

    @Mustang Joe,

    I live one town over from you. My father owned a pool hall and a pool table shop with the Brunswick franchise. I have a Brunswick pool table, but my father was a big Carl Mayer fan. He had several.

    He passed in 1995 and I was too young to get any of his pool table accessories. I would love to get some Carl Mayer pool sticks in his memory and fortunately my financial status changed since 1995!

    If you are ever looking to sell any of his pool cues you own, please contact me through here. I am close by.

  10. user1529805505user1507036787 on 8/7/2020 4:48:02 PM

    I also have a Karl Meyer cue. I really like it, in fact, better than a cue with the LD shafts. I am not sure why, but to me it feels like the 1980s, and it has a balance I really like. I have the original shaft, two other older shafts, plus and old screw-on tip snooker shaft from the 1970s. I don't really know much else about it.

    @user1529805505 and @user1507036787 - I posted a question asking how much my Karl Meyer cue is worth. Can either of you help?

    It works well also with the old blue tips that were used on old cues. I would also like to get another cue from this maker (or even just a butt), or an extra shaft from the original cues.

    I would be interested in buying, trading (I have a lot of stuff to trade including collectibles and Christmas gifts).

    I would even try an LD shaft on it to see how that plays, but I don't have one with that joint type. I have some that are uniloc or 3/8-10 which I would trade for an LD shaft that would fit this cue. Preferably a well used shaft. Let me know if anyone has one.



  11. user1529805505Lizardking on 8/8/2021 12:05:42 PM

    I recently acquired this pool cue and it appears to be identical to the above Karl Meyer pool cues.

    Any thoughts on its value?





  12. user1529805505user1585413987 on 8/9/2021 5:05:27 PM

    I suspect that it's worth a few hundred dollars. It is not a Palmer cue.

  13. user1529805505Lizardking on 8/9/2021 5:19:00 PM

    I know it’s not a Palmer cue. Your previous answer identifies this model as a Karl Mayer pool cue.

    I really wish @Mustang Joe would share more pictures of his Karl Mayer pool cues.

    Thank you for posting your pictures!

  14. user1529805505KOKDAKGIRL on 8/19/2022 2:27:03 PM

    @mustangjoe - You said you knew Karl Meyer and his wife. I would love to get in touch with you. Karl was my uncle!

  15. user1529805505user1585413987 on 9/20/2022 10:06:00 AM

    I never stated I knew Karl Mayer.

    I had heard that he drove around in a station wagon selling his cues to some local south Jersey pool rooms.

    I bought my cue around the mid 1970s.

  16. user1529805505marializrr on 3/20/2023 12:56:56 AM

    I am the daughter of "@Mustang Joe" from above. He's currently locked out of his email account. Sorry again for the reply three years later. He totally forgot that he posted stuff, and now we were looking through some things together and found some valuables.

    • @kokdakgirl - I am @Mustang Joe's daughter and he would love to get in touch and discuss more about Karl.
    • @dbrads - My dad is interested. I shared some pictures for him on this thread. You can contact me at (732) 648-4218 if you are interested in purchasing the Karl Meyer pool cue.

    This is my Father's Karl Meyer pool cue. Again, he's "@Mustang Joe" from above (but can't access his email right now).

    I've posted it in the "for sale" section here:



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Identify Old Karl Meyer Pool Cue

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