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ID Viking Pool Cue Similar to Viking F20

ID Viking Pool Cue Similar to Viking F20

I need help identifying this Viking Cue.

The closest thing I found was that it looked close to the Viking F20 from the Viking F Series but it is patterned differently.




20200205_113431.jpg 20200205_113528.jpg

ID Viking Pool Cue Similar to Viking F20

Replies & Comments

  1. user1581009393billiardsforum on 2/8/2020 6:09:30 AM

    I'm stumped on this one too.

    I've send photos of your Viking cue off to the folks at Viking for identification and info. I'll post the details when I hear back.

  2. user1581009393user1581009393 on 2/8/2020 1:19:59 PM


    I actually did send them an email as well, but I have not heard back.

    Maybe you will have better luck.

  3. user1581009393billiardsforum on 2/10/2020 5:10:50 PM

    Lead time from Viking can be a few weeks (for cue identifications) as it isn't a core function of their business. It depends on volume of requests coming in and on other factors.

    I suspect this is either a Viking "Smart Shops" model, or a special model built for a specific distributor or wholesaler, such as CueStix, (which typically aren't "cataloged" by Viking).

    If you hear back first, please let us know.

  4. user1581009393user1581009393 on 2/10/2020 5:39:04 PM

    Will do.

    Like I said earlier, it looks like a Viking F-20 cue from the F-Series based on their catalogs online, but with a different design.

  5. user1581009393billiardsforum on 2/10/2020 6:00:01 PM

    Great, thanks.

    It's definitly not the Viking F-20 cue, though I agree with you in that it's one of the closer matches. I'm sharing the photo of the F-20 cue for the benefit of others finding this question.


    The one that caught my eye was the Viking VM-15 cue. It's obviously not it, as this cue is slightly more complicated/intricate than yours, but the design elements of the inlay, I feel, puts us in the vicinity.


  6. user1581009393user1581009393 on 2/11/2020 10:26:32 AM

    It seems to be a prototype potentially.

    Chuck from Viking wrote me back on this:  

    To my knowledge, this particular cue was never a model. I have seen the drawing for it in our CNC archives, but my assumption is that this is a prototype made from that drawing. I can assure you that this is in fact a Viking. The Khaki stain used, longer ferrule, lack of shaft stamp and butt stamp would most likely place it’s construction in the time frame of the “F” or “G” line, but could have been made anytime from 1999 to 2011. As far as original price goes, it would be very hard to determine since it seems to be a prototype.

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ID Viking Pool Cue Similar to Viking F20

  • Title: ID Viking Pool Cue Similar to Viking F20
  • Author: (Wade Marshall)
  • Published: 2/6/2020 9:16:37 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/8/2020 4:45:22 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)