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Southwest and Cognoscenti cues

Southwest and Cognoscenti cues

I am currently looking to purchase a new cue and have always heard great things about Southwest. Are they worth the premium price they command? What about Cognoscenti cues, any opinions on those?

Southwest and Cognoscenti cues

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  1. guestguest on 5/2/2010 9:54:35 PM

    To answer your question regarding the worth of SouthWest and Cognoscenti cues. That would obviously depend on the price in each case. But if you are asking if they are worth the "average" price that you might find one for, the answer is absolutely. I've owned both cues and they are both top notch. The fit and finish are great, but more importantly the playability of both cues are as good as it gets in my opinion. Depending on the woods used to make the SouthWest cues they can tend to be on the heavy side because they do not core the forearm of the cue. They only use a 3/8-11 joint screw so they are limited in what they can do as far as making the cue lighter using a different joint screw. I have owned around 25 SouthWest cues, most of them were a little too heavy for my liking but there have been a few I've kicked myself for getting rid of. In about 1993-94 I bought a Cognoscenti that sold three months earlier new for $4200 from a friend who realized he couldn't play pool to save his life, so he sold me the cue for $700. NO B.S... That started me on my journey of collecting cues. I actually played with that cue for a year and traded it for $2500 and a brand new SouthWest. That was the beginning of my introduction to SouthWest cues. Thanks Danny! I'm am buying another Cognoscenti tomorrow as a matter of fact, and I plan on making that my daily player due to the fact that I just sold the last two SouthWest cues I had, and I won't receive another for probably six months to a year. I hope this helps you in your quest to find the perfect cue for you. I'll let you in on a secret...there is no such thing as a perfect cue, but it sure is fun trying to find it! Happy hunting...

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Southwest and Cognoscenti cues

  • Title: Southwest and Cognoscenti cues
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/24/2010 10:10:34 PM