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Bad Meucci Customer Service Complaint

Bad Meucci Customer Service Complaint

Meucci has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with!

Meucci cues used to be top of the line. Used to be. I wouldn't encourage anyone to purchase one.

After I received my brand new WARPED cue with it's WARPED shaft, I went through many months of run around and the mouthy Meucci customer service.

I received a WARPED replacement that looked worse than the first one.

I wouldn't use a Meucci for a fishing pole.

A very disappointed Meucci customer.

Bad Meucci Customer Service Complaint

Replies & Comments

  1. NCONTROLSwb2400 on 8/18/2010 10:48:23 AM

    I would like to share my experience ordering a Meucci cue.

    I placed my order on June 11th with their customer service/sales/warranty person Felicia. Since then I've heard nothing but lies. It is now August, 18 and and my cue has still not been shipped, although the $300 cost was eagerly withdrawn from my account a couple of days after my order.

    First I was told it would ship on 28 June. It didn't. When I called on the 28th to check, she said it would be done in a couple more weeks. It wasn't.

    I asked her to send me an email in a couple of weeks as an update. She didn't.

    I called on 19 July. She said she was shipping it on the 20th. She didn't.

    I called two weeks later (8/6) and was told because my address is an APO she had to send it USPS, which she said she did on 3 August (why she waited two weeks is anyone's guess).

    I called two weeks later (8/17) and she said she shipped it on 5 August. I asked her to check with the post office and send me an email on the status. She didn't.

    I called on 18 August and spoke to the shop foreman. He called the post office and they said they couldn't ship it to the address they were given because it didn't exist. She put the wrong address on the box, even though I made her read it back to me on two occasions. And she still got it wrong!

    I now have to wait another two weeks, assuming it actually ever gets mailed. I will be returning back to the States at the end of my deployment to Iraq in a couple of months and have absolutely no confidence in their ability to complete this order before I return home.

    At this point, I would rather use a broom stick, instead of playing with one of their cues.

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Bad Meucci Customer Service Complaint

  • Title: Bad Meucci Customer Service Complaint
  • Author:
  • Published: 7/1/2010 1:54:39 PM