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Identify my Player's Pool Cue

Identify my Player's Pool Cue

Need help identifying a simple Players pool cue. The word "Players" in gold writing is located on the butt sleeve/butt cap.



Identify my Player's Pool Cue

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  1. user1512089497billiardsforum on 6/26/2018 6:43:43 AM

    This is a fairly low-end Players cue, probably from the late 1990s. Will look up the specifics tonight when I have more time. Stay tuned.

    Are there any numbers or roman numerals on the butt sleeve, opposite the Players logo?

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Identify my Player's Pool Cue

  • Title: Identify my Player's Pool Cue
  • Author: (Chad DeWeese)
  • Published: 6/24/2018 1:43:33 AM
  • Last Updated: 6/26/2018 5:49:45 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)