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Identify Model of a McDermott Cue

Identify Model of a McDermott Cue

Can someone help with identifying the model of a McDermott pool cue as shown below?

IMG_9112.jpg IMG_9114.jpg

Identify Model of a McDermott Cue

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  1. jimvhobbiesChopdoc on 8/22/2019 9:47:31 AM

    It is a McDermott B-8 cue, circa 1976-1979.


    See it here, but don't believe the values you see there. The market fluctuates.


  2. jimvhobbiesjimvhobbies on 8/22/2019 4:14:33 PM

    So this McDermott B8 cue is in like-new condition, so how much is it worth?

    How much should I ask for it if I sell it? Even a dollar range like $000-$000 would help.

    I really have no clue on the market for quality used cue sticks.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Identify Model of a McDermott Cue

  • Title: Identify Model of a McDermott Cue
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  • Published: 8/21/2019 7:03:21 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/11/2019 5:59:22 PM
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