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Id and Authenticate an Adam Cue

Id and Authenticate an Adam Cue

I would like to have my pool cue authenticated and identified.

I bought it from an auction site in Japan.

The description says its an Adam cue, but, it doesn’t have an Adam logo. It also has a different type of joint (but the same pin size) as my other Adam cue.

Can anyone identify if this is an Adam cue?




Id and Authenticate an Adam Cue

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  1. chefdaddyjonbilliardsforum on 4/3/2019 6:25:01 AM

    I can't say for sure, but it's most likely not an Adam cue.

    It's features aren't typical of recent Adam cues (as you pointed out) and they almost always have the Adam logo.

    I've also a few recent Adam Cue catalogs, and nothing matched this cue.

    But that doesn't mean anything.

    You could always email this question to Adam Cue:


  2. chefdaddyjonChopdoc on 4/3/2019 8:22:09 AM

    There are many cues sold in Asia and Europe are not available in the US,and even their marketing and advertising materials can be hard to find on the web.

    In addition, Adam has made many brands that we have never even heard of in the US.

    This makes cues difficult to identify.

    Sometimes Asian cues are sold as Adam that are not made by Adam. Sometimes without a logo, sometimes with. Why? Because it is a very recognizable name. Sometimes they actually closely copy Adam models, most often not.

    There is a huge industry in China involved in copyright and trademark infringement. They have even cloned entire vehicles. Because this is an international problem it is very convoluted and expensive to pursue remedy and it has adversely affected manufacturers and even put some out of business by damaging their name due to flooding the market with cheaply made copies.

    One example is Miller & Kreisel speakers. They invented the satellite speaker system, not Bose. Bose copied it from them. But that did not put them out of business. They were a high end speaker manufacturer where Bose is low end, really crap to an audiophile. Very different market. M&K outfitted some of the best sound stages and studios such as the Sony studios in Hollywood. That's right, the Sony sound studio did not use Sony speakers, they used M&K, yet most people never heard of that brand because it was really high end not average consumer goods.

    Years ago the market got flooded with cheap Chinese copies of M&K speakers. The copies were garbage. M&K was a high end, high grade, audiophile speaker manufacturer. M&K got flooded with warranty claims on those cheap copies and it damaged their reputation. Ultimately it led to them going out of business. They have since re-opened but are not the same company...similar to Triumph motorcycles today being Triumph in name only and Indian motorcycles today being Indian only in name.

    At any rate, the cue looks like it was not made by Adam, though it might have been sold as an Adam.

    Possible it was made by Adam? Sure. Likely? No.

  3. chefdaddyjonchefdaddyjon on 4/4/2019 12:40:28 AM

    Thank you so much for the information. I also had doubts because the bumper is also different and had a small sticker that said “Made in China”. I was kind of hoping that maybe the owner just replaced the bumper.

  4. chefdaddyjonMark Bellamy on 6/21/2019 1:03:15 PM

    What auction site in Japan did you buy the cue from?

  5. chefdaddyjonchefdaddyjon on 6/25/2019 8:44:49 PM

    From a site called buyee.jp.

    They have a lot of really well priced Japanese cues like Adam, How, and Mezz as well as some US custom made cues.

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Id and Authenticate an Adam Cue

  • Title: Id and Authenticate an Adam Cue
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  • Published: 4/3/2019 6:01:51 AM
  • Last Updated: 4/3/2019 6:10:54 AM
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