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ID W.F.S. Pool Cue & Mosconi Cue Case

ID W.F.S. Pool Cue & Mosconi Cue Case

I am looking to see if anyone can confirm if this W.F.S. pool cue would have come with the autographed Mosconi cue case.

Also, any info on the W.F.S. cue is greatly appreciated. I can see the W.F.S. sticker and the number "2118" as well as what appears to be the numbers "350" punched just below the pin and "350 724" punched just above the joint.

I’ve looked online for days and have yet to come across any other cue that is the same or even similar to the engraved artwork on this one. It appears to be a Hawaiian-type theme with the flowers and leaves.






ID W.F.S. Pool Cue & Mosconi Cue Case

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  1. Drew CiapponiChopdoc on 5/19/2019 6:14:18 AM

    The cue is more a novelty item, likely made by Adam cues in Japan.

    It could have been purchased with the case, but they are not a "set" if that is what you are looking for.

    Neither the pool cue or the cue case is of any particular value.

  2. Drew Ciapponibilliardsforum on 5/21/2019 6:45:07 PM

    Definitely made in Japan. We've seen others with near-perfect labels which confirms that:

    One on there currently listed for $59.99. Not worth that at all and probably won't sell for that.

    Latest WFS cue I see that actually sold on eBay went for $14.99.

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ID W.F.S. Pool Cue & Mosconi Cue Case

  • Title: ID W.F.S. Pool Cue & Mosconi Cue Case
  • Author:
  • Published: 5/18/2019 2:26:22 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/21/2019 6:38:08 PM
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