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Balabushka GB24 Cue Reviews

Balabushka GB24 Cue Reviews

Can anyone provide a review of the Balabushka GB24 pool cue?

I am looking to make a step up in my choice of cue, and I am looking at the Balabushka GB24 cue.

Any and all information and feedback on that cue is greatly appreciated.

I'm also interested in any other cue recommendations at a similar price point.


Balabushka GB24 Cue Reviews

Replies & Comments

  1. fasteddie23billiardsforum on 9/19/2019 4:35:01 AM

    It is a nice looking cue. Looks like it has a MSRP of $545 and a retail price of about $480.

    I've not personally used any of the Balabushka cues from the current line, so I can't give guidance there, but my only advice would be to get into a physical shop and ask to try one out.

    Also, at that price point, I would certainly be looking around to see what other cues I could get in that range which have a history of quality and a well-known solid reputation - I.E. McDermott, etc.

    For example, right now, on billiardwarehouse.com, you can get a McDermott H550C (the McDermott November 2018 Cue of the Month) for $495. It had a MSRP of $800 when it came out. It is McDermott's first "Cue of the Month" to feature their new variable balance point weight system.


    It features:

    • CUSTOM Zebrawood forearm/sleeve
    • CUSTOM Curly maple no-wrap handle with light grey stain
    • CUSTOM Zebrawood, silver and index rings
    • VBP weight system

    And a key point for me - McDermott has a lifetime warranty which covers manufacturing defects, including warpage

    A few notes on the Current Balabushka cue line which you may or may not already know:

    Adam Cue Co. out of Japan used to make a line of these, as did Helmstetter I think. I am not 100% sure who manufactures the current line, but I'm fairly certain they're made overseas (not that it matters all that much).

    @Chopdoc - If you see this - Wonder if you could confirm whether these are still being made at the Adam Cue co factory in Japan?

    The company is currently run out of, and by the owners of, the G-Cue Billiard Store in Tempe, AZ Robert and Peggy Mallen. Peggy is a high-level business executive, once a Vice President of Operations for Sky Mall.

    Here's the blurb from the company:

    The Balabushka Cue Company, located in Tempe, Arizona, is a billiard design and manufacturing company producing billiard products specifically under the trademark names of George Balabushka, Richard Helmstetter and Adam. Products include billiard cues, specialty performance chalk and billiard-related products.

    On the Balabushka Cues site, it says:

    David Forman, founder of Adam Custom Cues, licensed the name Balabushka from George’s family. The trademarked name is now owned by Peggy Mallen who manufactures a line of cues under the Balabushka name as a memorial to one of the greatest figures in modern billiards.

  2. fasteddie23Chopdoc on 9/24/2019 4:59:38 PM

    They are no longer made by Adam.

    Made in China now as far as I know.

    If buying a new cue, I could think of a lot of better ways to go. You are paying a premium for that name decal.


  3. fasteddie23fasteddie23 on 9/24/2019 6:52:42 PM

    Thanks so much!

    @Chopdoc, which way would you go? We are quite open to other suggestions for other cues.

  4. fasteddie23Chopdoc on 9/24/2019 7:58:32 PM

    There is a lot of personal preference involved in choosing a pool cue.

    If you want a US-made cue, look at Joss, McDermott, Schmelke, Viking, etc. Joss and McDermott have import lines as well, and each has various engineered shaft options.

    • Do you want/need fancy?
    • Do you want/need custom?

    The carbon fiber shafts are emerging now. If you go for that option, you will put most of your money in the shaft right off the bat.

    There are many cues in the price range you are looking at.

    You said you want a "step up". What cue are you stepping up from?

    How serious are you about pool? Are you:

    • a league player?
    • a hobby player?
    • an occasional player?
    • a pool cue aficionado?

    I have about 100 cues. I used to be a serious player, but now I am a semi-serious player. That means I play for enjoyment, but if you put cash on the table I might not shy away. Depends on how I feel.

    I play primarily with a 1970's Joss cue I got in 1985. That's a long relationship with a cue.

    Do you want to make a relationship with a cue, or are you looking to change cues like socks? Maybe you don't even know yet?

  5. fasteddie23fasteddie23 on 9/25/2019 8:09:30 AM

    The cue is for my son. He is twelve years old but garners quite a bit of attention when we play together at local pool halls. He wants a cue that he can play with for a long time and pass down to his son one day. He is a powerful kid and plays with a lot of spin.

    I know that doesn’t answer all your questions but what would you recommend based on those details that is between $200 and $300?

  6. fasteddie23Chopdoc on 9/25/2019 8:30:06 AM

    I would go for a US brand name cue since you are talking about a "keeper".

    Look at:

    • Joss
    • Jacoby
    • Schon
    • Pechauer

    Something like that.

    Start with a standard shaft.

    A standard joint will allow for shaft upgrades if he wants to move to an engineered wood shaft or a carbon fiber shaft later.

    Shop around for best price.

  7. fasteddie23fasteddie23 on 9/25/2019 9:29:35 AM

    THANKS again @Chopdoc! We really appreciate it!

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Balabushka GB24 Cue Reviews

  • Title: Balabushka GB24 Cue Reviews
  • Author: (Corey Flaum)
  • Published: 9/4/2019 7:11:27 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/19/2019 4:05:28 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)