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Wondering What Brand of Cue This Is

Wondering What Brand of Cue This Is

Does anyone know what type of cue this is? I am wondering what the brand is of this pool cue.


Wondering What Brand of Cue This Is

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  1. user1524563496Chopdoc on 4/27/2018 9:21:48 AM

    One of the P.I. cue makers, possibly Worx Cues. There have been a number of brands that have come and gone out of the Philippines that have made such cues. Very inexpensive cues, but all genuine inlays, not decals. New they are something like $125-$150.


  2. user1524563496billiardsforum on 4/30/2018 9:01:41 PM

    You are right, the cue in the photos is exactly like those of the big Philippines pool cue manufacturers.

    I think it's just one or two big Philippine cue manufacturers doing these, and they brand them with many various names e.g. Boriz Cues, Monef Cues, Breaker Cues, Revolver Cues,C'Zar Cues, RLD Cues, RLDS Cues, Mustang Cues, Louis Renoir Cues, and more, but there is really zero difference between them. And yes, I could show you examples of cues bearing every one of those names I just listed, and the photos are all from the same distributor's photobucket, and take with the same camera even.

    Here is a Boriz Cue from 2007 which bears considerable resemblance to the cue in the photos above.


    I couldn't find the exact model shown above, but I am sure if someone dug through the photos for long enough...

    Also, I can't quite pinpoint it but I find that there is something a little off with the inlays. Like they aren't quite precise enough of something. Like in my photo, the middle diamonds that don't go quite all of the way down... the outlines aren't quite crisp. In the original poster's cue, you see that very thin black line going down to a similar diamond shape. It's like that line shouldn't be there, but because it's probably quicker not to have the CNC bit leave the wood, move, then re-enter the wood, it just cuts the line down and then cuts the diamond shape.

  3. user1524563496Chopdoc on 4/30/2018 9:08:52 PM

    The inlay pockets are cut by hand with razors, exacto knives, and small chisels, hence the variations, like an old Palmer...but with less respect for the work.

    I have a friend in PI that went and saw some of these makers for me. Very interesting stuff. Often very primitive tooling available. Considering that, they do amazing work.

  4. user1524563496billiardsforum on 4/30/2018 9:39:26 PM

    Wow. Didn't realize that at all. They must have a TON a laborers for the amount of cues they produce, if that's the way they do it.

    By the way, I found the original poster's cue on eBay. Gotta love it. The seller basically says "who is the maker" in the eBay listing title! Damn thing got $432 USD with 58 bids! Blows my mind.

    INLAID POOL CUE WITH CASE excellent condition...maker?

    • Condition: Used
    • Ended: Apr 24, 2018 , 12:39AM
    • Sold For: US $432.00
    • Item location: New Hope, Pennsylvania, United States
    • Seller notes: "Excellent condition....I don't see a maker name or symbol"








    AND - he's got another one, identical, up for sale again starting at $99. No bids. So weird. Buyer fell through perhaps?


  5. user1524563496Chopdoc on 4/30/2018 10:26:51 PM

    Literally barefoot workers in open shops.

    Hand tapered. No taper bar.

    You catch a glimpse of them cutting inlay pockets and fitting the inlays. There are other videos showing them cutting those pockets with very primitive tools. No OSHA there.

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Wondering What Brand of Cue This Is

  • Title: Wondering What Brand of Cue This Is
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  • Published: 4/24/2018 10:05:24 AM
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