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Duffrin Pool Cue with Silver Leaf

Duffrin Pool Cue with Silver Leaf

Curious how much this Dufferin cue might bring if sold?

Also hoping that someone can help me identify how old the cue might be.

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Duffrin Pool Cue with Silver Leaf

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  1. user1567650347billiardsforum on 9/24/2019 3:11:32 PM

    This is a cue from the newer generation of cues carrying the Dufferin brand.

    It isn't manufactured by or sold by the original Canadian company, Dufferin, Inc., which had gone out of business long before this cue was made.

    The brand name is owned by United States sporting goods company Escalade Sports. They are made overseas and distributed by their subsidiary, Cue & Case Sales.

    This wouldn't be the same as the "Silver Leaf" Dufferin cues that collectors would be talking about.

    What you have there is a Dufferin D-233 cue. Looks like the bumper is either on upside down or is a replacement.

    It is a current model, and has a MSRP of $80 (but would retail for slightly less). Probably worth somewhere between $30 and $50 used.

    From Cue & Case website:

    D-233 Dufferin Pool Cue

    This sleek and simple Dufferin cue features a jet black-stained Canadian Hard Rock Maple forearm and butt with classic silver Maple leaf logo, wrapless cherry-stained handle, and Blue Elf tip.


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Duffrin Pool Cue with Silver Leaf

  • Title: Duffrin Pool Cue with Silver Leaf
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  • Published: 9/4/2019 7:25:48 PM
  • Last Updated: 9/24/2019 3:19:13 PM
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