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ID Player's Cue with "412" on the Butt

ID Player's Cue with "412" on the Butt

I have this Player's pool cue with the numbers "412" on the butt cap.

Does anyone know the year and model of this pool cue?


ID Player's Cue with "412" on the Butt

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  1. user1684543539billiardsforum on 5/24/2023 7:05:47 AM

    It is a Players G-21BS pool cue. They were made from 2004 to around 2006.

    The MSRP was $79 USD, but it could be purchased brand new for $59 from most online retailers.

    The number "412" is a date stamp representing the year and month of completion of your cue. In this case, it was December 2004.

    Players G-21BS Cue

    Players pool cue with a stained maple forearm with blue sky opal graphics. The butt is stained maple with blue sky opal graphics. The wrap is black with white spec irish linen. The joint is stainless steel with 5/16 x 18 pin and two sets of nickel silver rings. This pool cue comes with one shaft with a 13mm pro taper and a Le Pro leather tip.

    • Wood: 100% North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple
    • Joint: White Phenolic
    • Tip: Le Pro tip
    • Weight: Standardized weighting system 18oz-21oz available
    • Butt cap: White Implex


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ID Player's Cue with "412" on the Butt

  • Title: ID Player's Cue with "412" on the Butt
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  • Published: 5/20/2023 12:45:40 AM
  • Last Updated: 5/24/2023 6:56:03 AM
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