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Muecci Model Identification M6 or 95-11?

Muecci Model Identification M6 or 95-11?

I need help identifying my Meucci series pool cue.

I purchased this cue used, a few years old, around 1996, but definitely before 1997.

It has a "no-dot" shaft, short bumper, and a flat head weight bolt screw.

I'm trying to figure out if it is a Meucci 95-11 cue or a Meucci M-6 cue.

I do not believe it is a Meucci HOF-1 cue because I believe it to be at least from around 1995 or before.

Thank you for your help in advance.



Muecci Model Identification M6 or 95-11?

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  1. Chad CarruthersMurph72 on 2/26/2023 1:57:44 AM

    Hopefully the answers to this previous question will help. I know it's from 2017, but still, it's something.

  2. Chad Carruthersbilliardsforum on 3/3/2023 4:17:14 PM

    With this particular model, it makes no difference to it's value whether it's a M6, 95-11, or HOF-1 cue.

    It's the same design with different series names, and at present, no one version is more desirable than the other.

    Your logic about the dates and it not being a HOF-1 model makes perfect sense.

    See also:

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Muecci Model Identification M6 or 95-11?

  • Title: Muecci Model Identification M6 or 95-11?
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  • Published: 2/22/2023 9:22:44 PM
  • Last Updated: 3/3/2023 4:20:47 PM
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