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How to Identify an Old Pool Cue?

How to Identify an Old Pool Cue?

Is anyone able to give me some kind of identification on this old pool cue?

It belonged to a family member and was passed down.

Thanks in advance!


How to Identify an Old Pool Cue?

Replies & Comments

  1. user1571256533Type79 on 10/18/2019 7:49:55 AM

    Some will jump to the conclusion it was made by Abe Rich but in my opinion, it is more likely a product of Sol Rich and the RICH-Q line made in Long Island, NY.

    In nice condition, the cue may carry a value of $150 to someone interested in Rich cues.

  2. user1571256533TodyWayne on 4/20/2024 8:42:02 AM

    This cue is a cheaper import cue.

    It is neither a Rich-Q by Sol Rich nor an Abe Rich cue.

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How to Identify an Old Pool Cue?

  • Title: How to Identify an Old Pool Cue?
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  • Published: 10/16/2019 1:08:54 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/12/2019 6:24:59 PM
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