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Rich Q Wrapless Value in Pristene Condition

Rich Q Wrapless Value in Pristene Condition

What is the value of a wrapless Rich Q made from either cocobolo or zebrawood (I am not a wood expert).

It is from the pre-imperial days, and was made in the small Rich Q shop in New York Prior to Abe leaving, so I was told by a living relative.

The cue is a 9/10. In the condition it's in, I can't find another wrapless Rich Q priced or sold and so I need a comparison or good opinion.

The shaft is still 12.5 mm, and you literally can't fit a straight razor blade end in the joint end. Meuccis I've seen 2mm off new these days. I literally had to look for light.




Rich Q Wrapless Value in Pristene Condition

Replies & Comments

  1. RUSTYRUSTY on 12/26/2018 12:46:04 PM

    This pool cue is for sale. No good offer refused. Packing photos made available upon payment. This is a nice piece for any pool cue collector.

    Thank you for looking. If you are interested, leave a message and include your contact info.

  2. RUSTYChopdoc on 12/26/2018 3:03:15 PM

    They usually go for $125 to $150 in my experience. $200 would be pushing it but is possible.

    Looks like zebrawood to me. Definitely not cocobolo or BRW.

    I have that cue in one of my catalogs I believe (a mailer actually).

    I have several, including the zebrawood, but mine has a wrap. My zebrawood Rich is 60 inches which makes it a bit unusual.

    Great inexpensive cues to start a collection.

  3. RUSTYRUSTY on 12/26/2018 6:28:36 PM

    Do you want it for your collection?

    I'm not a collector. Do I love cues, yes. I love the history as well but I have no one to leave them to, so with that being said, let me know and maybe we can come to an agreement.

    It looks straight as can be when put together, looking down it. There is no warp on joint end and minor light on my counter top. It's not beat up at all and is a well taken care of cue.

  4. RUSTYChopdoc on 12/27/2018 5:01:38 AM

    Thanks, no. I only grab these if I can get them at something like garage sale prices. Very cool to own, inexpensive. But I wouldn't be willing to give you what you should get at public auction.

    I am looking for Gandy cues, especially early ones, and National cues from the 60's and earlier.

    I am also looking for antique butterfly spliced cues, with veneers. Katz, Luscher, National, Briggs, Saunier Wilhem, Brunswick, Rieper, Sheafer, and more...

    Keep your eyes peeled.

    I do have a local buddy that is collecting that might be into your Rich. I'll ask him.

  5. RUSTYRUSTY on 12/27/2018 6:27:23 PM

    National cues pre-china are next to impossible to find, even up here in Chicago. I've only seen a few but really never had a catalog or seen one to go by.

    I see Brunswick house cues all the time, found in buildings and storage facilities. I just found a lot of them other day, and I may go look at them this weekend pending weather and time. The photos are bad but a couple seem to be butterfly splice and maybe one ebony butt. 4 out of 7 look to be original size, which are good for conversions if thick enough. The other three are questionable, but for 20 bucks I never mind giving a look. I found some of my best deals from lots that were almost tossed in the trash.

    Gandy and Mali were really popular in the Midwest growing up but most people have them stuffed in their closet still.

  6. RUSTYChopdoc on 1/2/2019 5:46:18 AM

    I have found some destined for the trash as well.

    The McDermott C-17 cue I posted recently was going to be thrown away.

    There is a lot of fun in the hunt itself.

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Rich Q Wrapless Value in Pristene Condition

  • Title: Rich Q Wrapless Value in Pristene Condition
  • Author: (Tim Linn)
  • Published: 12/15/2018 6:26:30 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/16/2018 1:38:05 AM
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