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Who Made this 6-Point Pool Cue?

Who Made this 6-Point Pool Cue?

I just got this beauty, any idea who is the artist responsible for creating this 6 point pool cue?


IMG_20210402_072132.jpg IMG_20210402_071929.jpg

Who Made this 6-Point Pool Cue?

Replies & Comments

  1. 8BallNormcpb614 on 5/16/2021 3:26:27 AM

    Looks like a Rich cue

    Great cue!

  2. 8BallNormbilliardsforum on 5/27/2021 6:01:51 AM

    @cpb614 - Good call! I agree, it's a stunning Rich Q example.

    Here's the image from a 1976 Rich Q cues brochure. I have no other details other than this scan of the brochure page. Here's your cue's model - The Rich Q model "7K" cue.


  3. 8BallNorm8BallNorm on 5/30/2021 4:21:21 PM

    Thanks, this is definitely the cue. This is my first crown jewel.

    I'm posting another unknown pool cue find I picked up in Joplin, Mo.

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Who Made this 6-Point Pool Cue?

  • Title: Who Made this 6-Point Pool Cue?
  • Author: (Norman Bayona)
  • Published: 5/3/2021 12:20:12 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/14/2021 1:39:07 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)