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National Pool Cue Model?

National Pool Cue Model?

I want some help to identify the model number of this National pool cue. I am also looking for any other information you might have about National pool cues and this specific cue, in general.

I would also like to get some guidance on what this National pool cue is worth or what I should value it at.




National Pool Cue Model?

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  1. user1507442077billiardsforum on 4/30/2018 6:51:05 AM

    I still don't have a model on this one, but a similar one sold for $175 USD on eBay in April of 2018:


  2. user1507442077Chopdoc on 5/7/2018 9:05:53 PM

    Actually, that cue sold for $100, not 175. (I know, it does not show it on the ad page, you have to look at your search results page for completed listings. It shows it there.)

    Apparently the seller took an offer of $100.

    I would value it more like $75, but I guess somebody wanted it.

    Another nicer one just listed with a BIN of $250. I think it's worth half that.


  3. user1507442077billiardsforum on 5/7/2018 9:29:46 PM

    My mistake on that. I was unaware of that particular search feature. You have just made my day! Didn't realize the "sold" prices differed across platform like that. I do wish eBay would just show the final price on the listing pages though.

  4. user1507442077Chopdoc on 5/7/2018 11:25:58 PM

    I found it by accident. It seems to be a flaw in their database. It tends to over-inflate the final sales price if you don't check the completed listings.

    I can see you watch Ebay like me. I have many records of completed sales as well as saved pics.


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National Pool Cue Model?

  • Title: National Pool Cue Model?
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  • Published: 10/8/2017 1:54:39 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/10/2017 7:53:51 PM
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