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What Mali Cue Model is This?

What Mali Cue Model is This?

I would like to know the Mali cue model, whether it is an original or replica, and its value new and it's value today.


What Mali Cue Model is This?

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  1. 1968z28302originalbilliardsforum on 12/8/2022 3:52:48 AM

    It is a Mali 386-10 cue from the Mali 386 series, circa 1993-1994.

    Nobody is making replicas of Mali cues (they're not worth enough nor notable enough for counterfeiting), so I have no reason to believe it's not authentic.

    It's worth somewhere around $50 give or take, depending on overall condition and the market at any given time.

    From the 1994 Mali 386 series brochure:

    Mali 386-10 Pool Cue

    Suggestions of Santa Fe in the Black-and-White inlays into Birdseye Maple with subtle coloring. Quick-connect stainless steel joint, with 5/16 X 14 screw into brass shaft insert. Black-with-White fleck, hand pressed, 6-ply Irish Linen wrap.


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What Mali Cue Model is This?

  • Title: What Mali Cue Model is This?
  • Author: (Ron Harrell)
  • Published: 12/7/2022 10:04:26 PM
  • Last Updated: 12/8/2022 3:45:46 AM
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