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Info About Vogel Titanium Cues

Info About Vogel Titanium Cues

I have a Vogel Titanium cue and haven't been able to find any info about it. It looks like they are not in business any longer, as I can't find a website, etc.

This Vogel Titanium pool cue is a very unique cue made completely of titanium, end-to-end, except for the wrap and leather cue tip. It also has what looks like a serial number on it: #00040.

I'm curious if anyone can tell me if it's worth anything, as well as how to contact the cue maker to find out how to replace the tip, etc.

Info About Vogel Titanium Cues

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  1. EddieFastbilliardsforum on 2/8/2022 3:02:12 AM

    The company behind Vogel Titanium Cues was Excellent Products Inc. based out of Broomfield, CO.

    Excellent Products Inc.
    P.O. Box 0305
    Broomfield, CO 80020

    The company was formed in September 1993, and the last annual report was filed in 2002.

    Mike Holford, Billie Renae Holford, and David Vogel are the listed as the directors of the company.

    They carried a lifetime warranty against defects, and the company offered a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy.

    Customers could customize the weight and length when ordering the cues. They were available in several colors:

    • Red
    • Black
    • Dark Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Hunter Green
    • White
    • Gold

    In 1998, the price of Vogel Titanium cues was listed as follows:

    The Vogel Titanium Cue lists for $650 US dollars plus a $25 dollar shipping charge. This includes the cue made to the specifications you choose below, the custom fitted red oak case, and a Sir Joseph shooting glove.

    The earliest Vogel Titanium cues didn't contain serial numbers, but as their website indicated, they were added later based on customer feedback:

    The response to our new Titanium Cues has been good so the serial numbers have been changing rapidly. When your order is received we will let you know the next serial number available.

    The cues also came with a personalized certificate of ownership.

    They cues were made-to-order, meaning there was a lead time of about 20 days from the time the payment cleared to the time the cue shipped.

    In the old "rec.sport.billiard" newsgroup, the owner of the company posted about the launch of Vogel Titanium pool cues:

    Sat Oct 21, 1995 07:26:00 PM PDT

    Hello, fellow billiard fans!

    We would like to take a moment of your time and invite you to visit our new Vogel Titanium premium custom pool cue web site.

    • Our web address is: webcom.com/~vogelcue/
    • Our company name is Excellent Products Inc.

    We have recently begun the manufacture a new style of premium custom pool cue which, as our name indicates, is made out of titanium. This metal is a very good material for pool cues, as is it is strong, light, dimensionally stable and will not warp with changes in humidity or temperature.

    We hope that you will visit us, and get all of the details!

    Thank you for your time! Dave

    As time went on, titanium pool cues were not well-adopted by serious pool players.

    They used to ship a pool glove with each Vogel cue because of the problem where non-wood materials don't slide well through a closed hand-bridge, etc.

    Among other questions, Bob Jewett asked the owner about this in that same thread. He also asked about how much squirt the Vogel Titanium cue has, and asked to compare it to a Schuler cue with a carom taper.

    Dave's answers were as follows:

    Hi, Bob!

    Those are good questions!

    To answer the first one, our Vogel Titanium cues do tend to be stickier than a maple shaft. This is similar to some of the graphite and fiberglass cues that I have tried. There are several approaches to dealing with this slight annoyance. You can use hand powder, cue shaft wax, or a shooting glove. Of all of the remedies that we have tried, the shooting glove is the best answer, in our opinion. I find that my shooting improved markedly when I took to wearing a glove. It takes a little bit to get used to the feeling, but after that the shooting is absolutely consistent. It is nice not having to worry about sweaty hands or messy talcum powder anymore. I am sure that there are folks out there who will disagree with this idea, but we will include a shooting glove with our cues in any event.

    In regards to squirt, I feel that our cues have very little noticeable squirt. I feel that our our cues have a very stable and consistent feel, which is difficult to approach with wood. Of course, that is just my opinion. It not possible however, for one person to accurately describe how someone else will feel when using a particular type of pool cue. There are just too many variables from person to person.

    Which brings us to your next point: Testing a cue before purchase. I believe that it is a very good idea for a person to be able to shoot with a cue that they are thinking about purchasing! Unfortunately, this is very difficult for us to do by mail order, especially with the product being custom made, premium titanium pool cues. Our cues do have a different feel that take just a little getting used to. But I feel that a person will rapidly adapt to the feel and prefer to use a Vogel Titanium cue above all else.

    Now to the final point. Our return policy. We basically say that if you are not satisfied with your Vogel Titanium cue and case, within thirty days of purchase, they may return it for a full refund. All of the particular details about our return policy and our warranty have been added to our web page.

    I hope that this answers some questions and concerns!

    Best wishes, my pool shooting friends!

    The company appears to have been gone by the year 2000 (as the company's website went offline).

    That's all we have in our archives for these cues. Hope it helps.

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Info About Vogel Titanium Cues

  • Title: Info About Vogel Titanium Cues
  • Author: (Dean Peterson)
  • Published: 2/6/2022 9:43:27 AM
  • Last Updated: 2/8/2022 2:39:41 AM
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