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Id Custom Cue "Custom Made for Frederick Brown"

Id Custom Cue "Custom Made for Frederick Brown"

I need some help identifying a custom cue.

On the butt cap it says:

Custom made for Frederick Brown




Id Custom Cue "Custom Made for Frederick Brown"

Replies & Comments

  1. user1580444102billiardsforum on 2/9/2020 3:23:09 PM

    I don't recognize the cue off the top of my head from the design.

    Would you happen to have any other info or history you can provide that might help us identify the cue? For example:

    1. Do you know who "Frederick Brown" is?
    2. Where are you located?
    3. Where and when did you get the cue?
    4. Who did you buy the cue from (or who gave it to you)?

    The more context you can provide, the better.

  2. user1580444102user1580444102 on 2/9/2020 5:19:13 PM

    I bought it on eBay. There was a huebler h8 and a schuler, all three from different sellers. Mine didn’t have any provenance.

    Feels like a Diviney cue, IMO. It plays great but I have no idea where it came from.

    There was a production Schon cue that was pretty similar

    Also, it passes needle test for ivory/bone.

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Id Custom Cue "Custom Made for Frederick Brown"

  • Title: Id Custom Cue "Custom Made for Frederick Brown"
  • Author: (Aulton Burnett)
  • Published: 1/30/2020 8:15:03 PM
  • Last Updated: 2/9/2020 2:03:08 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)