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Info and Value of a Meucci Originals MO-11 Cue

Info and Value of a Meucci Originals MO-11 Cue

My dad passed away and I inherited his Meucci Original MO-11 cue (from the first Meucci Originals brochure).

He was the original owner and the cue is in really good condition.

I am trying to find some information on the cue. Additionally, I would like to know how much a Meucci Originals MO-11 cue is worth today

Any help would be appreciated!

Info and Value of a Meucci Originals MO-11 Cue

Replies & Comments

  1. rpcpbilliardsforum on 8/16/2022 4:46:27 PM

    Sorry for your loss.

    If your cue is indeed the Meucci Originals MO11 cue, and it is in the condition you state, I would say you have yourself a very valuable pool cue.

    Post some clear, well lit photos of the MO-11 Meucci Originals cue and we'll go from there. Include detailed photos of the joint pin and butt sleeve as well.

  2. rpcprpcp on 8/16/2022 10:23:59 PM

    I greatly appreciate the condolences.

    It is indeed a Meucci Original MO11 cue, and it has now been sold.

    Thank you for your offer to help authenticate it.

  3. rpcpbilliardsforum on 8/17/2022 4:13:20 AM

    Oh, that's great. May I ask what the final selling price was?

  4. rpcprpcp on 8/18/2022 10:20:52 AM

    With all due respect, the buyer and I have a gentleman's agreement not to reveal the selling price of the MO-11 cue.

    What I can disclose is some information I received from Meucci Cues.

    They said that it was the holy grail of Meucci Originals cues and is highly sought after because there were less MO-11 cues made with the white background than there were with the black background.

    Meucci also stated that the Meucci Originals MO-11 cue could easily be sold for $2000 if the "right buyer" came along. The "right buyer" found me.

    I hope that helps.

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Info and Value of a Meucci Originals MO-11 Cue

  • Title: Info and Value of a Meucci Originals MO-11 Cue
  • Author:
  • Published: 6/15/2022 2:23:14 PM
  • Last Updated: 8/16/2022 2:43:47 PM
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