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McDermott G-Series Shaft problems

McDermott G-Series Shaft problems

I have a brand-new McDermott Bridgeport "C" cue. I also have a McDermott Milano. Both cues have the same exact tip. The Bridgeport has the 'new' G-Core shaft. I absolutely cannot get draw with this cue, while with the Milano I can get massive draw. Several of my friends also tried it, but only one guy could get any draw. The Bridgeport did come with a layered tip, which I replaced with a regular leather one (have not had good luck with layered tips). Anyway, has anyone had this same prolbem or any tips? My email is crazy4pool888@mchsi.com. Thanks

McDermott G-Series Shaft problems

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McDermott G-Series Shaft problems

  • Title: McDermott G-Series Shaft problems
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/22/2010 9:06:12 AM