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Gandy Pool Cue Info?

Gandy Pool Cue Info?

Can anyone help me with information on Gandy pool cues?

I live in Japan and I buy pool cues from second-hand shops around Tokyo.

I recently came across a cue with a Gandy logo on the hilt. It struck me as different because the Linen was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was extremely smooth to the point you could not feel the individual stands.

Please, any information would be appreciated.


CA0784BD-0B02-4654-96C8-11F94C447071.jpeg E244B4CE-410E-440C-9256-E0B9FF3FACF3.jpeg

4905B69B-1002-41DF-9B46-D475A5BE3CF8.jpeg 013EFF5E-C0F3-44E4-803E-D064DD7074EE.jpeg

Gandy Pool Cue Info?

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  1. pooljunkChopdoc on 1/17/2021 7:23:10 AM

    That is a later Gandy cue, most likely made by Viking under contract. I have not yet tracked down a later Gandy cue catalog, so I don't know the exact model. I suspect the veneers are dyed wood on that one, not vinyl. Vinyl veneers are very bright, but there were dark color vinyl veneers. A good closeup of the cue could help.

    The wrap looks like it may be synthetic, not linen, and/or finished over. Again, a good closeup would help.

    It could be from anywhere between the mid seventies to mid eighties. From the design and features I would put it in the eighties.

    Strangely, that one looks like it may have Asian parts in the joint, maybe Adam or Kao. Cues were sometimes made with whatever parts were available, I am unaware of Gandy cues ever being made in Asia but this cue suggests that is possible based on the joint and the fact it was found in Asia. But that could all be a red herring. Both Viking and Adam sold cue parts so we sometimes see their parts mixed together in the same cue of this era. They both also contracted out to many brands.

    The earliest Gandy cues had vinyl veneers, and notably aluminum shaft inserts. They were made by Ricco Cervantes from 1969 to 1973 according to Dick Abbott and Ricco himself. I have a few of those as well as a scan of a letter from Ricco documenting his work at Gandy cues.

    Other cue makers for Gandy were Dick Helmstetter, and Bob Meucci, but I don't have dates for them.

    When Gandy stopped making their own cues, they contracted Viking who made Gandy cues until the end I believe.

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Gandy Pool Cue Info?

  • Title: Gandy Pool Cue Info?
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  • Published: 1/16/2021 4:08:36 AM
  • Last Updated: 1/18/2021 2:05:57 AM
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