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Choosing Between Lucasi Pool Cue LZD2 AND LZCB7

Choosing Between Lucasi Pool Cue LZD2 AND LZCB7

Well just yesterday I sold my cue back to its original owner after having it for 6-7 months and only playing for 9-10 months i feel using that cue has extended my game greatly. But now im stuck in the predicament of picking myself a new cue. I don't know whats good, and whats better but right now i have two choices.

First choice - Lucasi Custom LZD2

Second Choice - Lucasi Custom LZCB7

*Note that my first cue was a Lucasi, so i just naturally picked those.

Please help me out with either these two or something better for around the same price!

Choosing Between Lucasi Pool Cue LZD2 AND LZCB7

Replies & Comments

  1. LargeDaniel357 on 6/6/2014 8:41:29 AM

    Lucasi makes good cues. The first stick I spent money on was a Lucasi and used it for a couple years. I then switched to Meucci for my shooting cue. I have been using a Lucasi Sneaky Pete (as my break stick) for about eight years now and will do so until it falls apart (if that ever happens).

    I would recommend getting a pool cue with a weight that you know will be comfortable with.

    Personally I don't believe you would be disappointed with either of the sticks you have picked out.

    Pooldawg.com can have some decent deals. I purchased my wife's cue and cue bag from them. We had no issues with either and both were priced reasonably.

  2. LargeZiggy_Lee on 6/6/2014 10:58:09 AM

    Hey Large, If I where picking a cue from the two choices, I would pick up the 1st cue you listed. The Lucasi LZD2. I have shot with Lucasi cues before and they have good playing cues as far as production cues go. Best of luck in your cue search.

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Choosing Between Lucasi Pool Cue LZD2 AND LZCB7

  • Title: Choosing Between Lucasi Pool Cue LZD2 AND LZCB7
  • Author: (Nick Large)
  • Published: 2/27/2013 8:15:41 PM