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Wanston Pool Cue Info

Wanston Pool Cue Info

I just bought a Wanston pool cue.

Does anyone have any information on Wanston pool cues?



Wanston Pool Cue Info

Replies & Comments

  1. user1542823060Chopdoc on 11/21/2018 10:13:40 AM

    Private brand stamp on an inexpensive "Taiwan" import.

    Not much to know unless you are really dead set on finding out who imported and branded these cues for some reason. I have never heard of it.


  2. user1542823060user1542823060 on 11/21/2018 11:19:32 AM

    The only real mention of Wanston cues came in another forum. Some claimed there is a relation to Palmer cues.

    I heard that the Peter Chaung you speak of actually bought the Palmer name from the Balners. I was told that he was the largest Brunswick dealer in Asia and that he thought having the Palmer name would provide a foothold in America. Before Palmer, the name "Wanston Sports" was used. The first Palmer Asian cues I saw in the States arrived in the mid 1990's. They had a black triangle logo [...].

    Although I believe Palmer still remains active in the import slate business they sold the cue business to Fred, the gentleman you speak of in Vegas. Except he was still in California then. He is in Vegas now But does not actually make any cues.

    There are a few other details but that is the basics as I was told.

    Source: forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?139833&p=1783733#post1783733

  3. user1542823060billiardsforum on 11/21/2018 12:04:35 PM

    One from eBay about 7 years ago:



    Here are two more found in Japan's Yahoo Auctions site:



  4. user1542823060Chopdoc on 11/21/2018 2:17:44 PM

    When I saw the logo I actually suspected it might be related to "those" Palmer cues, so I am not terribly surprised. The early ones did use a triangle logo.

    So it sounds reasonable to me.

    Most don't even really consider them Palmer cues, but they are interesting in some way.

  5. user1542823060user1542823060 on 11/21/2018 3:59:40 PM

    Thanks! I was trying to figure out what their value is. This one it definitely a challenge!

  6. user1542823060user1546648706 on 1/4/2019 4:38:27 PM

    Did you happen to find the value of yoyr Wanston Cue by chance? I've came across one as well so I was also trying to find its value.

  7. user1542823060billiardsforum on 1/5/2019 7:30:58 AM

    @user1546648706 - Can you share some photos of the Wanston cue you are referencing?

  8. user1542823060Momok on 1/25/2019 9:16:10 PM

    Anyone know the value of this wanston cue? I haven't had much luck locating info for this brand.






  9. user1542823060billiardsforum on 1/27/2019 7:23:48 AM

    They are Taiwan-made pool cues.


    They sell on the auction sites for very little money. Think ~$20 to $40 give or take.

    The Wanston cue shown in the original question sold for $13.99 USD on goodwill, with a case.

    The few I've found on the Japan auction sites went for $10 USD.

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Wanston Pool Cue Info

  • Title: Wanston Pool Cue Info
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  • Published: 11/21/2018 9:57:40 AM
  • Last Updated: 11/21/2018 11:45:53 AM
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