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Need help identifying Jim Rempe pool cue

Need help identifying Jim Rempe pool cue

I recently purchased this cue and have only been able to find one other cue with the same man standing graphic on the butt cap on the net and they claim it was made by Helmstetter. Any information on this cue would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Need help identifying Jim Rempe pool cue

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  1. Rcm58Rcm58 on 12/25/2008 3:22:16 PM

    I managed to get quite a bit of information on this cue. It was built in the Adam plant during the time Jim Rempe won more competitions than any other pro player, from 1974 to 1978. The piece of birdseye they chose to build this cue from is spectacular with eyes covering the entire surface and would be difficult to duplicate today. I was lucky to be able to talk with a cue builder that refinishes some fine Southwest cues here in upper east Tennessee and he said the cue originally sold for around $56.00 back in the 70's and although not worth a lot of money valued it at between $150-$200. I'm still happy with it knowing it was built prior to RCH starting his Helmstetter line of cues and I've learned a lot more than I knew about what Adam has put out in the process.

  2. Rcm58talldrink03 on 7/31/2010 9:27:24 PM

    hey, i know it has been a long while since this thread was active. i just wanted to say that i got this same exact stick at goodwill for $20.38 i am very excited to see another one online. thank you for doing the research and sharing with the world! the birdseye is BEAUTIFUL. the only difference between your cue and mine is that i have black string wrapped up the lower shaft! dont know if this adds to the value but i still love this vintage and very collectible pool cue. let me know if you find any other info about this cue?! talldrink03@live.com

  3. Rcm58ooginstine on 5/21/2011 5:47:40 PM

    I have a rempe que, I would like help identifying and determining a value. Any thoughts guys?

  4. Rcm58osage24 on 3/13/2012 8:30:24 AM

    Super nice, cue. Check Helmstetter or Adams.

  5. Rcm58adamb0323 on 6/18/2012 12:40:49 AM

    i also got the same pool cue at a thrift store and love it thanks for the info on it

  6. Rcm58coastal_tony on 7/25/2012 6:42:22 AM

    Here are three of my Jimmy Rempe cues. I have a few more laying around, I just can't find them. One is the 70's birds-eye Adam, the other two are 70's Meuccis.

  7. Rcm58user1551646720 on 3/3/2019 12:58:41 PM

    I have one signed on the butt. A 4-pointer. I was told it was Danny Janes?

  8. Rcm58billiardsforum on 3/3/2019 2:17:30 PM

    100% for sure these Rempe cues are done by Adam Japan.

  9. Rcm58user1560283333 on 6/11/2019 1:03:29 PM

    I have a very similar Jim Rempe cue I am trying to identify, but with some differences that puzzle me.

  10. Rcm58user1635367984 on 10/27/2021 1:53:06 PM

    The first Rempe cue above without wrap is the Jim Rempe "The Esquire" cue.

    The second one, with the rectangles at the butt, is the Jim Rempe "The Viscount" cue.

    The third one, with wrap, is the Jim Rempe "The Duke" cue.


  11. Rcm58talldrink03 on 10/27/2021 2:21:33 PM

    There is a Rempe cue section at the link below that answers some of these identification questions:


  12. Rcm58user1710705409 on 3/17/2024 3:56:50 PM

    I just saw this thread!

    If anyone is interested in selling the Adam Jim Rempe birdseye JR-3 cue ("The Squire"), I'm interested.

    Mine was stolen from my car years ago.

    Now I'm old and really don't care much about the condition as I can't shoot anymore. I just want to look at it for old times sake! I know, pathetic!

    Anyway maybe I'll get lucky in a thrift store myself if I could walk for a long enough time.

    Let me know.

    Thanks a bunch,


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Need help identifying Jim Rempe pool cue

  • Title: Need help identifying Jim Rempe pool cue
  • Author:
  • Published: 11/29/2008 1:31:40 PM