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Lou Butera he's Selling all His Cues

Lou Butera he's Selling all His Cues

Lou Butera came by my pool hall the other night, he's selling all his cues. He's giving up the game. Evidently he's too old and it physically hurts him to play. A hall-of-famer bites the dust.

Anyhow, he was in the pool hall (he owned this hall at one point) on Monday night with a case full of his prides and joys.

What a collection.

In particular was one Schon that dropped my jaw. I have an amazing Schon, still one of the highest priced Schon (not LTD) cues on the market. The one that he had blew mine clear out of the water. It wasn't even the same ballpark, hardly even the same sport.

I asked him how much he wanted, and he just pointed at the sticker at the bottom of the cue. "$2K"

"Wow, Lou." I said. "That one sure is pretty, and trust me, if I had $2000 to throw at a pool cue right now, I'd certainly do it, but right now it just won't work."

He then told me that he's considering keeping that one...just in case he gets back into the game again. Evidently it's the one that he won his most recent championship with. He even went so far as to say that if he did sell it, there is a good possibility that he might come looking for it again someday.

What I wouldn't give for this cue, I swear. Reminds me of the phrase, "I got a legendary cue for my girlfriend, best trade I ever made." LOL

Anyway, I think he said some of his cues were going up for sale online, so you may want to keep your eyes peeled to eBay. Chances are there will be some hall of fame memorabilia hitting the market very soon.

Lou Butera he's Selling all His Cues

Replies & Comments

  1. A-TrainJPB on 12/3/2008 9:40:06 PM

    You sir are not only an obvious idiot for not buying that cue, But your a fool to talk about a good Man with such disrespect.. I, for one am thankful that cue didnt end up in the hands of such a disgrace of a person. Yes, Lou is done for now with the sport. He had a great run. He has done more than most for the game, and with the game. He inspired many to the sport, myself included. Not to mention he is a stand up Father, Uncle, Grandpa, etc. For you to just loft out there "another hall of famer bites the dust" is rude and obnoxious, and extremely disrespectful. I know God forgives, and I am even sure Lou will, But as for me, well, I think you are an ass.

  2. A-Trainguest on 10/30/2009 10:37:27 PM


    I know this is an old thread, I was just really taken aback by the response.

    I think JBP, if you read ever read this, you need to re-read A-train's post, hopefully you will find that your words are unduly harsh and not deserved...

    Your calling him an idiot for not buying the cue is an extremely poor display. Not everybody has the means to spend $200 on a pool cue, let alone $2,000; so basically you are insulting him for not having money, which is not cool. He obviously wishes he could buy one, he doesn't need anybody to insult him for not being able to fulfill his wishes. At least he posted on here letting people know, in case anybody here could afford to buy one.

    You also say he's disrespecting Lou Butera and that he's a disgrace. Nice, he wrote an entire post that shows he's in awe of the man, you are going to lash out because you somehow read disrespect out of it. If you didn't like the "bites the dust" comment, that's fair, it was poorly worded, but it's hardly malicious considering the rest of his post. Such a comment doesn't warrant bashing the guy.

    Keep on truckin' and keep it classy.

  3. A-Trainguest on 1/8/2011 9:04:45 AM

    Just a note to say I talked to Lou a few days ago. He's doing just fine and is enjoying life as we speak.

  4. A-TrainJPB on 8/21/2011 5:30:27 PM

    You know what. You are right. I was way out of line. When I read this again, I realize I totally reacted wrong. When I first read original post, it sounded disrespectful to me, well, because I love the Man, and I had just learned he had Parkinsons and couldnt play anymore. he is my hero, and I took it hard. . Forgive my abrasive unwarranted response, please. Thank You for the polite correction I didnt deserve.

  5. A-Trainuser1546301076 on 12/31/2018 4:04:36 PM

    I grew up in Simi Valley. I was a manager at the Side Pocket pool hall across town from Lou's place.

    It was a wonderful experience learning from Lou and Sal. I will miss Lou.

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Lou Butera he's Selling all His Cues

  • Title: Lou Butera he's Selling all His Cues
  • Author: (Adam Stevermer)
  • Published: 9/26/2007 7:16:32 PM