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Cue Identification - Possible Huebler Cue?

Cue Identification - Possible Huebler Cue?

I need some help identifying this pool cue.

I thought maybe it could be an old Heubler cue.

It has a 5/16-18 joint pin.

IMG_1906.jpeg IMG_1902.jpeg

Cue Identification - Possible Huebler Cue?

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  1. Rob828ncbilliardsforum on 9/28/2023 9:33:39 AM

    I don't believe it is a Huebler cue.

    I initially though it could be a Helmstetter cue, but upon zooming in, the quality doesn't seem all that great.

    Can we see what the bumper and shaft insert looks like?

    Do you have any other information on the cue? Where did you get it, how long have you had it, etc.

  2. Rob828ncRob828nc on 9/28/2023 10:34:02 AM

    It has a brass insert.

    I bought it from a guy that got it, an old Adam cue, and an old McDermott cue that was only made for one year.

  3. Rob828ncKCCC on 9/28/2023 11:12:37 AM

    The design aesthetic of the cue does not really look like a Huebler cue to me.

    I would definitely like to see joint and butt photos. Also, if there is a weight bolt under the bumper, grab a picture of that too.

    Those chips in the finish on the points in your picture—is that wood showing through the black?

  4. Rob828ncRob828nc on 10/1/2023 2:00:32 PM

    I will take some more photos as soon as I get up.

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Cue Identification - Possible Huebler Cue?

  • Title: Cue Identification - Possible Huebler Cue?
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  • Published: 9/28/2023 6:59:42 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/28/2023 9:29:42 AM
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