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Billiard Skill Level Glossary

Terms relating to a billiard player's skill level.

Billiard Skill Level Glossary

Welcome to the billiard skill level glossary of terms. In the cue sport world, skill level is a measure by which players earn respect, win tournaments, gain confidence to gamble, and generally strive for throughout their billiard playing life. This glossary category lists various billiard terms that relate to one's skill level. There are some slang terms, some official terms, and some every day words that refer to a billiard player's skill level.

Thanks for visiting the billiard skill level definitions glossary. While these terms don't compose a complete list, it rounds out a good solid base of terms that relate to a skill level in a cue sport context.

  • Title: Billiard Skill Level Glossary
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/26/2008 2:00:00 PM

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