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Getting an Antique Brunswick "Speedmaster" Pool Table for Free

Getting an Antique Brunswick "Speedmaster" Pool Table for Free

I keep finding free pool tables!

This guy originally wanted around $400.00 for his Brunswick SpeedMaster pool table, but then he put it on Craigslist for free, so I pounced. I am going to pick it up this Saturday morning with a friend who wants a 9' pro pool table.

I have a 9' Robertson pro pool table (which was in a Tampa pool hall called Fatsos) that I also got for free. I was able to get it playing really well but it's too big for my space so I'm going to give him my Roberstson and restore and install the new-to-me Brunswick SpeedMaster pool table in my home.

Here's my Roberston pool table:


...and here's my new Brunswick Speedmaster pool table restoration project:


Getting an Antique Brunswick "Speedmaster" Pool Table for Free

Replies & Comments

  1. BallBusterRayMills on 8/21/2021 4:09:22 AM

    Let us know if you find a value for it. Wow, 71-years-old.

  2. BallBusterBallBuster on 8/21/2021 4:50:56 AM

    If the slate on it is good, then it shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully someone replaced the cushions recently with Super Speed rubber. I'll be leaving in an hour to pick it up. It should be a fun trip.

    OK, so now the antique Brunswick pool table is now in my home awaiting restoration. I'm trying to find more info on this pool table but failed. The owner said it was a Brunswick "Speedmaster" but I've searched and have found nothing. The cushions look to be in good shape and are nice and supple.

    OK, so it seems the guy was wrong about the model. It is actually a Brunswick Madison pool table (or "The Madison") made circa 1912.


    8/22/2021 6:33:55 PM

    I've now started working on the restoration of the pool table.

    One rail has a piece broken off but it should glue back in place well. Some things about P.O.S. pool table mechanics never change. I found some moronic "fixes" that now must be undone then redone correctly. This looks like something that the dickhead pool table mechanics at AZ Billiards would do. Here they put long tacks into the rails to tighten-up the feather strips. Taking them out was delicate and it made the situation worse. I'm currently gluing the broken wood back on.


    Here the pool table mechanic morons put two long nails into the bottom of the cushion for some strange reason. I almost got one out but the other one is really hammered into the rubber.



  3. BallBusterbilliardsforum on 9/8/2021 5:12:38 PM

    Very nice find, especially for someone like yourself who seems to have some pool table repair skill.

    Here's a couple of earlier questions where my responses have the text from Brunswick's technical sheet for the antique Brunswick Madison pool tables:

  4. BallBusterBallBuster on 9/8/2021 7:59:42 PM

    My friend told me way too late about another FREE 9-foot Brunswick pool table with drop pockets. It was super-nice but long gone by the time i saw it.

    The slate on my 110 year-old pool Brunswick pool table needed lots of work. I'll put up some pics as soon as my plaster and JB Weld fixes are done.

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Getting an Antique Brunswick "Speedmaster" Pool Table for Free

  • Title: Getting an Antique Brunswick "Speedmaster" Pool Table for Free
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  • Published: 8/19/2021 11:28:53 AM
  • Last Updated: 9/8/2021 5:04:24 PM
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