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ID and Value a 10' Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

ID and Value a 10' Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

Was wondering if someone could approximate the age and value of this 5' x 10' Brunswick Balke Collender Co pool table?

The legs are veneer not solid.

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ID and Value a 10' Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

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  1. user1603475609billiardsforum on 10/28/2020 5:06:31 AM

    It is a Brunswick Madison pool table, manufactured during years 1916 through 1924.

    It is a middle-of-the-road residential-grade pool table. The 10-foot version was special order.

    I don't have any recent sales info in my database for this model, but now that you know what it is, you can set up alerts on sites like eBay and monitor the market. The fact that it is a 10-foot version will likely up the value a bit, as they aren't as common. But on the other hand, it's a mid-range residential grade pool table which are generally of low interest to collectors.

    The following are the specs and photos from page 36 of the 1916 Billiard Book Catalog of the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company:

    Brunswick Madison Pool Table

    One of our new styles of billiard Tables on which we have secured design patent because of originality and simplicity. It is a good medium grade pool table which will certainly be very popular.


    • Slate: 3 pc. 1" framed, 1 1/8" thick reinforcing frame
    • Sizes:
      • 8-foot "Home" - 44" x 88" Playfield, Weight 1150 lbs
      • 9-foot "Pro" - 50" x 100" Playfield, Weight 1250 lbs
      • 10-foot - 56" x 112" Playfield, Weight 1530 lbs
    • Color Options - No. 6 Medium Golden Oak, No. 2 Mahogany
    • Cushion Rubber - Standard Monarch certified by trademark plate countersunk in cap of rail cushion.
    • Cushion Rails - 1 3/4" thick x 3 3/8". Rail with facing complete 2 1/4" x 4 1/8". Compound construction built up of various kinds of hard woods of different grain to insure strength and prevent the wood being affected by climatic conditions. Invisible cushion bolts covered by what is know as blind cushion rails built up in 5-ply thicknesses placed in an alternate run of grain, with fancy figured veneer on the exterior. Cap rails 7/8" thick x 2 7/8" hardwood veneered. Solid rosewood corners. Ivory diamond sights. Inlaid with metal fancy name plate. 8 rail bolts on sides and 4 on each end of 4 1/2 x 9' table.
    • Slate Bed - Good quality Vermont, 3 pieces to the set. The joints are made with brass dowels and sockets with no screw holes in playing surface. Wood reinforcing frame 1 1/8" thick. Wood trim for pocket openings.
    • Pockets - The pocket irons are the No. 3 style, with nickel plated flanges countersunk in the cushion rail top, provided with invisible bolts entering from the lower side of the rail. Heavy black cover leather and red trimming leather. No. 20 green worsted pocket sets.
    • Wood and Finish - Furnished in quarter-sawed oak and Mahogany. The oak is finished in our No. 6 medium or golden color, The mahogany is finished in our regular No. 2 stock mahogany color with white holly inlay with black border. After being given the ordinary cabinet finish it is hand rubbed, and can be more easily kept clean than any other furniture finish.
    • Construction - This table has what is known in our factory as the semi-jumbo framework, which means that it is unusually heavy and has enormous carrying weight. The top of the side and end sections are 5" across, gradually tapering to 1 1/2" at the bottom, with the sides and ends 14" high. Both sides veneered. It is also provided with single cross stretchers, 8 1/4" long by 1 1/2" thick by 14" wide stretched to side frame. Both of the side stretchers are secured to the reinforcing blocks by 6" bolts, making an extraordinary strong bridge work. The sides are attached to the head blocks formed by the corner legs and secured thereto by 3/4" hardwood dowels reinforced by one 8" frame bolt countersunk in 2 1/4" blocks glued to the side fences. The table is built in sections and can be taken part for K. D. shipment. Legs are 7 1/2" square, tongued and grooved compound construction, reinforced by corner blocks, double cross veneered inside and out and rigidly built into end framework of body. The wood construction is all of the very best quality, cabinet made, and put together in a most thorough manner. All joints made close and secure and all mitres absolutely accurate. Joints are tongued and grooved, strongly doweled and glued, or screwed firmly together. All corners and edges made perfectly smooth and true.

    The Madison is one of our new style of billiard tables on which we have secured design patent because of originality and simplicity. It is a good medium grade of table which will certainly be very popular. Design patent granted May 7, 1912. Manufactured under various patents granted from 1900 to 1916.

    Is also available as a combination table, and can be furnished to order on reasonable notice in 5x10'.

  2. user1603475609user1603475609 on 10/28/2020 2:24:53 PM

    Thank you for the information.

    I have an opportunity to purchase the 5' x 10' pool table pictured but it will need new bumpers, felt, and probably pockets. Any idea what that could cost?

    I will keep looking on other sites as you suggested above as well.

  3. user1603475609billiardsforum on 10/28/2020 4:17:22 PM

    If you are having those three things replaced, it's probably worth having a professional installer come in and set the table up properly, level it, replace the rubber and pockets, and install the new cloth.

    Not including moving costs, that will run you well over $500 in most states, maybe more depending on the quality of cloth, rubber, and pockets you go for.

    In my opinion, it's all well worth it (unless you have decent experience in doing it yourself with these older tables).

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ID and Value a 10' Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table

  • Title: ID and Value a 10' Brunswick-Balke-Collender Pool Table
  • Author: (Jim Johnston)
  • Published: 10/23/2020 10:53:30 AM
  • Last Updated: 10/28/2020 5:20:53 AM
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