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English - Billiard Term Definition

Welcome to the billiard, pool, and snooker glossary of terms. This is the definition of English as it relates to cue sports. You can also view the entire billiard dictionary

Definition of English

English is a billiards term that is a part of Billiard Technique Terminology.

English is an effect that is applied to the cue ball that causes it to spin. To apply english to the cue ball one must strike the cue ball slightly off center, either to the left or the right of the center line. It shall be noted that english often means different things to different pool players. A portion of players feel english means hitting the cue ball anywhere except center-ball, including follow and draw shots, while others feel that english means hitting cue ball either right or left of the center axis. English is commonly called side or siding in Canada. English affects the rebound of the cue ball from cushions, but not from object balls. The effect of english is instrumental in gaining shape and can be utilized by the shooting player to throw the object ball just slightly off of its expected trajectory. This is helpful to cheat the pocket and to produce other similar useful effects.

See: body english, helping english, hold up english, inside english, natural english, outside english, reverse english, running english, side english, transferred english, unintentional english, left, right, side, side spin, sidespin, deflection, siding for more on the meaning of "English".

English - Usage

You are going to have to put a little english on that cue ball if you want to get to that one object ball down there.

Billiards - English

  • Title: English
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 3/10/2006
  • Last Updated: 1/2/2008 9:49:09 PM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum

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