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Follow - Billiard Term Definition

Welcome to the billiard, pool, and snooker glossary of terms. This is the definition of Follow as it relates to cue sports. You can also view the entire billiard dictionary

Definition of Follow

Follow is a billiards term that is a part of Billiard Technique Terminology.

Follow refers to a method of cue ball control which causes the cue ball to move forward after contacting the object ball. Follow results from the forward rotation of a cue ball that has been hit with a follow shot. Follow is created by striking the cue ball above it's equator as such that it spins forward more rapidly than it would if it were simply rolling across the cloth. Follow serves to increase the speed of the cue ball from the normal speed of a center hit shot. Additionally, a cue ball that develops follow will generally have a wider carom angle after striking an object ball, and a larger angle of reflection after striking a cushion.

See: jenny, force follow, force follow shot, prograde topspin, prograde follow, power through, power thru, follow shot, top spin, topspin for more on the meaning of "Follow".

Follow - Usage

I think the cue ball is going so fast because you may be applying follow to to it, whether you know it or not. Lets analyze your shot.

Billiards - Follow

  • Title: Follow
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 3/10/2006
  • Last Updated: 10/24/2007 9:49:13 AM
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