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Missouri 8 Ball Rules

Below are the rules of Missouri 8 Ball pool as provided by Billiards Forum member retsofarik.

How to play Missouri 8 Ball

  1. 8 ball is NOT neutral in Missouri 8 ball. ! 8 ball must be sunk clean (no caroms)! Missouri 8 ball is played mostly like regular 8 ball. You cannot use an opponent's ball to sink a ball of yours, unless you strike your ball first.

  2. All shots are called unless obvious. No slop is allowed (call the and caroms). If in doubt and not called the shot was by accident and results in a loss of turn! Scratch is in the kitchen.

  3. Break is as in normal 8 ball, if a low ball is sunk then breaker is low. If high and low sunk breaker may choose, but until a ball is sunk in a called pocket, the table is still open. 8 on the break is a win, and if a scratch occurs at same time is automatic loss. Balls knocked off table are re-spotted, balls accidentally moved are re-positioned.

  4. From the breaking end of the table the object balls are as follows; the 1 ball is shot to the right side pocket relative to the breakers prospective, the 15 goes to the left side pocket these balls are object balls and it benefits the player to get their object ball down first and guard the opponent from sinking theirs. These balls may be shot at anytime during game play except as first shot (high and low groups must be established!)

  5. Balls are racked with the object balls directly behind the 8 ball and opposite their prospective pockets.

  6. Object balls my be sunk in the wrong pocket for a re-spot but at a loss of turn for the shooter. Scratching while sinking the object ball causes a re-spot of object ball and of course a loss of turn.

  7. Each of the object balls must be sunk in their correct pocket before shooting on the 8 ball. Being as their holes are known, this is the only shot in game where slop IS allowed. The shot does not have to be called. 5 rails to the correct side pocket is just fine! If sunk in the wrong pocket, the object balls are the only ones to be re-spotted on rack dot or if occupied by a ball blocking the dot, the next clear space behind the blocking ball.

  8. A foul is committed if a player hits the opponents object ball directly which results in cue ball in hand for other player. As long as you strike your opponents ball indirectly this type of defensive play is encouraged!

Defense and Missouri 8 Ball Rules

Defense! Defense! Missouri 8 Ball is a game in where you must control your shots and placement of the cue is always important. It will also sharpen your banking skills. Setting your opponent up to sink his object ball will produce an unfavorable outcome. The person who leaves his object ball to shoot last without any set up balls usually looses the game 85% of the time!

E. Paul Foster, honors to Auxvasse

Missouri 8 Ball Rules

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Missouri 8 Ball Rules History

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The official Missouri 8 Ball Rules are predominently observed in Missouri, United States.

How to Play Missouri 8 Ball

Pool tournaments using Missouri 8 Ball Rules (or similar):

Questions about Missouri 8 Ball Rules:

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  • Published: 9/26/2016 11:10:55 AM
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Missouri 8 Ball Rules

The Missouri 8 Ball Rules article belongs to the Pocket Billiards Rules category. Pocket billiards is a class of cue sport game commonly referred to as pool.

Missouri 8 Ball Rules Comments

  1. Kelli TKelli T from San Diego, CA on 8/28/2018 10:03:23 PM

    I've always played that the 1-ball and the 15-ball have to be made in a side pocket, but not the same pocket, and the 8-ball needs to be made in that same side pocket.

    So, if the 1-ball is made in one of the side pockets then the 15 needs to be made in the opposite side. Whichever side pocket your object was made in, is where you need to make the 8-ball.

  2. Ed TarbuttonEd Tarbutton from San Marcos, TX on 9/11/2019 4:15:51 PM

    Here are my rules for Missouri Eight Ball pool:

    • Racking the Balls - The balls are racked with the eight ball in the middle, the one ball behind the eight (to the left hand side) and the fifteen ball behind the eight (to the right hand side).
    • Choice of Group - If you make a solid ball on the break, you take the solids. If a stripe is made you have the stripes. If one of each is made on the break , you have your choice!
    • Designated Pockets - The one ball has to be made in the right hand side pocket, and the fifteen in the left hand side pocket. Your side pocket ball can be made in any pocket on the table at anytime during the game, but spots up once you have finished shooting. If your opponent makes your side pocket ball, it stays down.
    • Pocketing the 8-Ball - The eight ball has to be made in a called pocket to win the game.
    • Balls off the Table - If a ball goes off the table it spots up. If the eight ball goes off the table it is loss of game.
    • Three Consecutive Foul Rule - You may add the "three consecutive foul" rule (which results in loss of game if it occurs) as long as it is established before you start play

    In addition to the above, I like to also include the following rules:

    • the looser breaks next game
    • pocketing the eight ball on the break wins

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