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Pot - Billiard Term Definition

Welcome to the billiard, pool, and snooker glossary of terms. This is the definition of Pot as it relates to cue sports. You can also view the entire billiard dictionary

Definition of Pot

Pot is a billiards term that is a part of Billiard Technique Terminology.

Pot is a cue sport term heard chiefly in the UK or used primarily by the British. In one sense of the word, pot is the same as pocket as it relates to the act of putting an object ball in a pocket. For gambling in billiards, pool, or snooker, the term pot may refer to the receptacle in which pooled money being played for in a money or tournaments, as in poker and other gambling activities is placed. This very old term derives from players placing their stakes into a pot or other receptacle before play begins.

See: pocket for more on the meaning of "Pot".

Pot - Usage

Why don't you try to pot the 5 ball in the corner pocket? That was a decent pot; good show.

Billiards - Pot

  • Title: Pot
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/13/2008 11:34:53 AM

Pot Comments

  1. Papa Joe 90Papa Joe 90 from Scotland, United Kingdom on 11/14/2021 1:27:22 AM

    What is the meaning of the saying "pot the Dougie"?

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