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Snooker - Billiard Term Definition

Welcome to the billiard, pool, and snooker glossary of terms. This is the definition of Snooker as it relates to cue sports. You can also view the entire billiard dictionary

Definition of Snooker

Snooker is a billiards term that is a part of Snooker Terminology.

Snooker has three meanings as related to cue sports.

  1. Snooker is the name of a popular type of pocket billiards that is normally played with 15 red balls and 6 balls of other colors (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black), and a cue ball. It is played on a snooker table. A snooker table is a large cue sport table with its surface covered with green color cloth. It has a total of six pockets, 4 on each table corner and one in the middle of each of the long side cushions. The regular size of a snooker table is 12 ft x 6 ft.
  2. Alternatively, snooker is a term that when used as a noun, refers to an instance of putting a player in a snookered situation. Snooker players can get out of a snooker through the use of a semi-masse shot or a kick shot. Jump shots may also be utilized where permitted as such that a foul will not result. Hook or hooked may also be used in this context to refer to the same situation. Snooker in this context also has extremely specific subtypes in the game of blackball.
  3. A third meaning of snooker comes when it is used as a verb. To snook someone is to leave them in a situation where his or her preferred shot on their next required object ball can not be directly played. This type of snooker could refer to a simple situation such as the object ball being partially blocked by another ball, or even the pocket's knuckle.

See: hook, hooked, safety, safe, containing safety, safety break, free ball, snookered for more on the meaning of "Snooker".

Snooker - Usage

I love the game of snooker. It is my favorite. Rob put Jeff in a difficult snooker situation. I wonder if he can get out?

Billiards - Snooker

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  • Published: 4/9/2006
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