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Preventing Billiard Cloth Marks

Preventing Billiard Cloth Marks

You will notice these pool table felt burn marks far more often when your cloth is new. This is simply because the cloth or billiard table is new, and the marks that are there will stand out far more and because you have a lot of area that has absolutely no wear around the spots.

Preventing Billiard Cloth Marks

As you put in more playing time on your table, you'll notice that the wear spots will tend to blend in a bit more as the rest of the table wears in. Keep your cloth clean and brushed to help keep your pool table felt in top notch shape.

To prevent billiard cloth marks, some billiard experts have also recommended that with practice play, you can get a small piece of cloth (2x2 inches) and place it under your cue ball before you perform your break shot. This is also a good idea for when practicing jump shots or masse shots. You may have some left over pieces from when the table was covered, or you can ask a local billiard supply shop that recovers tables if they have any scrap pieces they can give you.

Another forum poster remarks that she didn't know what everyone was talking about with "burn marks" during the first week of owning her new table. Then only a month after getting the table she says that you can definitely see the areas where the cue ball is launched.

Some home billiard enthusiasts will actually affix a spot on the table, and if you always break from the same place, will help. Such spots are sold at most billiard equipment retailers, are called "Tefco Master Spots", and have a peel and stick backing.

Preventing Billiard Cloth Marks

  • Title: Preventing Billiard Cloth Marks
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/12/2007 12:22:40 AM
  • Source: Internet

Preventing Billiard Cloth Marks

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Preventing Billiard Cloth Marks Comments

  1. Fox523Fox523 from USA on 3/18/2010 7:23:34 AM

    Really, the only way to prevent burn marks on a pool or billiard table is to not shoot on it.or limit your game to shooting softly with natural roll only.

    Aramith claims that polishing the balls regularly and using their highest quality balls helps reduce burn marks, but I am a bit skeptical. Keeping both the balls and cloth spotless and free of chalk may help to reduce the friction which causes the marks - but cleaning both after each game seems a bit tedious.

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