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Pool Table Cloth Marks

Pool Table Cloth Marks

When you buy a new pool table, or put new felt on the billiard table, you may have noticed that white marks appear in the billiard cloth. Billiard Forum has notices several posts related to the topic, and have noticed that the question has been asked many times on other billiard equipment message boards. Because Pool Table Cloth Marks are so commonly asked about, we'll go in to the specifics on what they are all about and what causes the marks in the billiard table pool felt.

Pool Table Cloth Marks

One poster complains about marks in his pool table cloth; "My pool cloth has several 'white marks' and I have found that what causes the "white marks" on the cloth is the cue ball shots. Whenever I shoot the cue ball, there is a new white mark on the cloth..." He then goes on to ask whether this is normal, or whether he has come across a low quality piece of cloth.

It is indeed normal for billiard cloth to show marks as part of its regular wear and tear. The spots are actually caused from the friction of the cue ball against the cloth, and occur especially on hard shots like the break shot, or on a downward pointing shot like a jump shot or a masse shot. With an excellent break shot, the cue ball approaches speeds of 25-30 mph. This can produce temperatures between the felt and cue ball to reach 250 degrees Celcius when the ball is in contact with the felt. In fact, the Belgium ball company Saluk found that the momentary friction when the cue strikes the ball can reach up to 450 degrees. This friction caused the burn marks on the cloth.

In fact, the odd burn mark in the billiard table felt will soon turn in to actual track lines, especially from the commonly used break spot. On pool hall tables, you'll probably see three from the break area; one in the center, one to the left, and one to the right, since these are the most common break spots. Breaking from the side rail forces the player to shoot down slightly on the ball. This forces the ball into the cloth more and thus, produces more marking on the felt. After several hundred breaks from the exact same spot the cloth can be severely worn.

These marks are actually small burn marks caused by friction between the billiard felt and the cue ball. Some types of cloth will show these burn marks more than others. It is also worth noting that if these marks are occurring on every shot, then there is a possibility that you are indeed hitting the cue ball much too hard, or hitting the cue ball with your cue stick angled too high. If this is the case, you may wish to read through some of our billiard technique tutorials on shot making. There are also ways that you can prevent billiard cloth marks. Read on to find out more. Even better, there are ways that you can repair billiard cloth marks.

Pool Table Cloth Marks

  • Title: Pool Table Cloth Marks
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/12/2007 12:17:02 AM
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Pool Table Cloth Marks

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