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Repairing Billiard Table Cloth Marks

Repairing Billiard Table Cloth Marks

Although there are ways of preventing billiard cloth marks, the bottom line is that billiard felt burn marks happen on any cloth.

Repairing Billiard Cloth Marks

The felt marks show more on worsted wool cloths like the Simonis or tour edition because of the smooth surface of the cloth. These cloths don't hide anything. If you constantly break from the same position using a cloth as a launch pad can help from wearing that one spot excessively. While worsted wools show the marks more, they don't effect the play as much as with the fuzzy textured cloths like titan. Worsted wools can look terrible and still play great.

To repair the billiard table cloth, there are several options and remedies. If you have a worsted wool cloth you can take a slightly damp cloth and lightly wipe the table with it. This can help reduce the appearance of burn marks. You can also choose certain pool table cloth colors that will help the billiard cloth marks blen in more. Burn marks generally show as a lighter spot on the cloth. A lighter color cloth will hide these marks better than a dark one. The lighter colors, however, tend to show more staining from the oils and dirt on your hands.

There are also spray cleaners that do an excellent job of removing burn marks. It is doubtful though that they would do any good in a pool hall but on a home table with a lot less use, they work very well.

Nothing will completely stop pool table felt and cloth burn marks, but having the best billiard balls and fairly fast felt does help a little. As for the billiard balls, try to find the smoothest and roundest cue ball possible. For the felt, the faster it plays the smoother it is, and thus, the less friction and heat that is generated. To summarize, reducing the friction as much as can be practicality allowed helps, but keep in mind that people make livings re-felting and recovering tables for a reason; eventually they all need it.

Repairing Billiard Table Cloth Marks

  • Title: Repairing Billiard Table Cloth Marks
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/12/2007 12:25:02 AM
  • Source: Internet

Repairing Billiard Table Cloth Marks

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