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Tom Danahey
Occupation: Railroad Engineer
Grosse Pointe, MI United States

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About Me

My name is Tom and I'm a 55 year old Locomotive Engineer from the Detroit area.

I just came back to pool a few weeks ago after a 25 year hiatus. I used to play for hours daily both in the poolroom and on the bar box. Now I don't drink or gamble very much, but if you twist my arm I might. Back in the day I used to shoot Straight Pool and of course 8 and 9 Ball in the bars. I played in lots of leagues and tournaments year round.

Since my return, I'm working hard to develop perfect fundamentals, and I plan to take Tom Simpson's 3 day course at The National Billiard Academy ASAP. Right now, I'm trying not to worry about winning or losing, but rather perfect practice. A friend said the other night that I'm doing things on the table that he doesn't remember me being able to do in the past, and that's music to my ears.

I am also noticing that things in the game have really changed on those 25 years. Mostly I notice LOTS of people playing at a higher level. At least, above my speed.

I'm working on my One-Pocket game, and plan to start a new Straight Pool league at my home pool room, "Hall of Fame Billiards" in Warren, Michigan. You may have heard of it because there's a LOT of action there. Anyone in the world can get played there, and we have many great players. Our house Pro is Ronnie Wiseman. Road players come through every week. For example Tony Chohan just left, as did John "Hennessee" Pinegar from the deep south. Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan camped out here for a couple years. Larry Nevel has been in and out. There are too many top flight players to mention. We have a lot of great women players as well, and Julie Melman, a professional on the Great Lakes Tour, is just one!

My plan is to work for another 9 years at my profession, maybe less, then I want to retire in the Philippines. I can enjoy a lifestyle there that I couldn't afford here, including pool! I only hope to continue to have good health so I can enjoy it.

My hobbies other than billiards include guns, shooting, bird dogs, horses, traveling, and women.

Last but not least, if anyone is in the Detroit area, or just passing through, and they'd like a little friendly competition, I'm volunteering to provide some, or steer you where you need to go.

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