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Digital Electronic Speed Pool Timer for Billiards

Digital electronic speed pool timer kit for billiard speed pool tournaments, created and manufactured by Geoff Hackett. Size small for pub or home use.

Digital Electronic Speed Pool Timer for Billiards

Electronic Speed Pool Timer Logo

This is the original "club version" of the speed pool timer. The speed pool timer is designed to assist in the scoring of speed pool matches or games. The speed pool timer consists of a microprocessor based control system with an easy to use custom designed keyboard to make the system very simple to understand and use. The control has a large bright easy to see display. One large display shows the time in 1/100ths of second. There is a penalties window and a time display for time in min/sec. A larger commercial size speed pool timer was also available.

The speed pool timer system works as follows:

  • The timer is reset and shows zero in each display.
  • The player takes their break. The timer is started.
  • At the end of the game press stop.
  • As the game progresses the time penalty buttons are pressed as required.
  • Once stopped, pressing the game over button will calculate the final time.

Original digital speed pool timer user manual

Electronic Billiard Speed Pool Timer

Billiard Speed Pool Timer Specs

  • Approximate dimensions 730x220x55mm deep (28.75x8.5x2 inches).
  • Weight approximately 1.5Kg. (excluding power supply)
  • Display windows 54mm (2.24") high, red seven segment displays
  • Power supply. 9-12V Ac/Dc Via two pin power plug 5.5x2.1mm. Ac adapter supplied.
  • Timer Accuracy +-1 second per hour Max.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Time in 1/100ths of a second.
  • Hardwood Mahogany frame.
  • Tough tinted plastic front panel on metal back frame.

Sale Price: (2001)

  • Speed pool timer with mains power supply - £170
  • Remote control for speed pool timer (not supplied) - £
  • Spare power supply - £

Power supplies in other voltages are available USA 110 or 220 for EU countries. These supplies are supplied with a mains adapter.

Electronic Billiard Speed Pool Timer Early Mock Up

Inventor and Manufacturer

Geoff Hackett
1 St Michaels Close

NOTE: This item is no longer available. It is preserved here for informational purposes only. Original sales page was: scorers.members.beeb.net/poolinfo.htm

Digital Electronic Speed Pool Timer for Billiards

  • Title: Digital Electronic Speed Pool Timer for Billiards
  • Author: (Billiards Forum)
  • Published: 1/10/2017 2:01:13 PM
  • Last Updated: 3/15/2017 3:39:53 PM
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Digital Electronic Speed Pool Timer for Billiards

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