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Cake Pool Rules

Welcome to the billiards forum version of Cake Pool Rules.

Cake Pool Rules and Regulations

Apart from the above mentioned rules, the normal snooker rules apply.

Cake Pool is a billiard game played with four to six players. Cake Pool is played by innings (frames) and the player with the most innings won is the winner of the game. At the beginning of the game the order of the play is decided in a unique way. The numbers from two to seven are written on separate pieces of paper which are folded up so that the number cannot be seen. The pieces of paper are then put into the ball case, or another container and shuffled. Each player then takes one piece from the container and once all numbers are drawn, the order of play is determined from the lowest number (shoots first) to the highest (shoots last). The numbered paper pieces are then placed back in the container, as they will be used again during the game.

Commencing the Inning

At the beginning of each inning, all the object balls are triangle racked, with 6 red balls on the edges and the colors in the middle. It is believed that this is where the name "cake" comes from. The triangle is placed as it is in snooker, however the apex red stands on the pink spot. The first shot of the inning, should follow general break shot regulations where either at least two object balls must hit a cushion or a red must enter a pocket otherwise the shot is a foul. Every player begins the inning with a score of zero, and each foul counts as minus one. It has been said that this is best handled by setting the pointers of the scoreboard to ten initially, in order to accurately track negative scores. One must be sure, in this case, to adjust the score at the end of the game accordingly.

Pocketing Balls

If a player has a score that is below two points, they can only pocket colors into the two center pockets and reds into any of the six pockets. This means that every object ball is considered "on" in snooker terms. Each red ball pocketed scores one point, and no points are given for pocketing colored balls. If a player reaches two points for the first time in the inning, they take one paper piece, and does not show it to the other players. The number taken indicates a colored ball, and from this point on, that particular ball will be considered theirs. This is extremely important as the winner of the inning is the person who pockets their own ball into a corner pocket.

If a player has two or more points, the may pocket any of the object balls into any of the pockets. If they pocket their colored ball into a corner, they then show their piece of paper to the others and the inning is over.

Other Cake Billiard Regulations

In cake, one is not allowed to use any equipment other than the cue. Shots made using other items, such as a mechanical bridge, are considered foul shots. Pocketing a colored ball into a pocket having less than two points is considered a foul if the shooter did not want to pocket it there. An "unfair play" will be assessed if the shot was deliberate. In such a case the player is disqualified from the inning in which the infraction occurred. If no colored balls remain on the table, and none of the players have announced a win, the inning is considered to be over.

Cake Pool Summary

Because of the presence of luck in Cake Pool, weaker players can sometimes be victorious when playing against better opponents. Cake Pool has markedly different tactical approaches than Snooker, making Cake Pool an interesting billiard game to play.

Cake Pool Rules

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Cake Pool Rules History

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How to Play Cake Pool

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Cake Pool Rules

The Cake Pool Rules article belongs to the Snooker Rules category. Snooker is a type of cue sport game that is played on a snooker table.

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