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Info on a Fischer Duchess Pool Table

Info on a Fischer Duchess Pool Table

I bought a 30 year-old house with a pool table in the basement (which must remain as a condition of the sale).

The pool table is in good shape and comes complete with all accessories including the billiard balls, rack, crutch, and MizeraK pool cues.

I plan to keep it, and I would like to get some history on the Fischer Duchess pool table.

There are two labels info on ball return end:

Fischer Mfg. Co.
Tipton, MO 65081
Made In U.S.A.


Fischer Mfg. Co., Inc.
Tipton, Missouri
Serial No. A81046


Info on a Fischer Duchess Pool Table

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  1. user1683481912billiardsforum on 5/9/2023 7:26:14 AM

    The Fischer "Duchess" pool table model came in two versions:

    • Model 2218 - 44: X 88" playfield
    • Model 2227 - 39: X 78" playfield

    This pool table (as shown in the brochure below) did not have a real slate playfield, but rather, it had a modular 2½" Steel-ite playfield.

    There may be slightly different styles from the one pictured below, as models can evolve over time.

    The manufacturer's name plates can help us date the Fischer pool table.

    The Fischer Manufacturing Company was founded in 1949 in Tipton, MO. The company was sold in December 1968 to Spalding (a division of Questor). Then in 1976, Questor sold Fischer Manufacturing to the Ebonite Billiard Co.

    If your name plates do not reference "Questor", then it would most likely be from before 1969. If it references "Questor", it would be from some time between 1969 and 1976.

    Here's the Fischer Duchess page from one of the Fischer catalogs (from the Questor era):


    See also:

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Info on a Fischer Duchess Pool Table

  • Title: Info on a Fischer Duchess Pool Table
  • Author: (Paul V.)
  • Published: 5/7/2023 1:53:06 PM
  • Last Updated: 5/9/2023 6:53:36 AM
  • Last Updated By: billiardsforum (Billiards Forum)