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All-Tech Industires Historical Information

All-Tech Industires Historical Information

I just purchased a used All-Tech Industries Inc. pool table. The price was good, but there is little, to no information that I have been able to find.

The only identifying information on the table is the following.

All-tech Industries Inc. Hialea,h Florida. Model Number 718, Serial Number 137

If anyone has any information as to original price, were to get parts, slate thickness, etc. please let me know.

Thank for your time.

All-Tech Industires Historical Information

Replies & Comments

  1. corban107radar on 9/28/2012 2:21:32 AM

    I have an all-tech pool table EXACTLY like youes. I bought it in 1984 for $400 and i think it is probably worth every bit of that or more. it has 7/8'' one piece slate and is in excellent condition. as far as parts, what kind of parts do you need? felt, cushions, and pockets can be bought at any pool supply store. the feet i saw on e-bay just today. the felt is glued on the under side of the slate so have it recovered by a pro. that will probably cost around $250 - $300 but it is well worth it. that table is well built and solid and will last another 100 years so don't git rrid of it too cheep. they don't build pool tables that solid and sturdy ANY MORE! any Questions about rail bumpers or any thing else, e mail me. as far as when it was built your guess is as good as mine. i'm guessing late 60s or esrly 70s. if you find out let me know. RADAR

  2. corban107guest on 11/25/2012 4:58:05 AM

    I too have an all tech model 718 serial 895x pool table we are trying to have moved. My father in law thinks it is a single slate. We can't tell by looking underneath. Anyone know for sureif it is a single slate or 3 piece? I don't know much about pool tables, but we are having trouble finding someone to move a single slate.

  3. corban107guest on 3/17/2013 7:17:15 PM

    The model 718 all-tech was made in Hialeah Fla. They have a 3 piece 3/4 inch slate with a built in wooden ball return. The top rails come apart in two pieces after removing two dozen screws and the 3/4 rubber trim.The slates are held down via 10 to 12 screws to the one piece bed. They are 4 screws that attach the leg support to the bed.

  4. corban107radar on 3/18/2013 12:35:28 AM

    I am almost positive it is 7/8'' one piece slate.

  5. corban107wrenegade on 4/2/2014 4:38:31 PM

    I also have an All-Tech Industries 8' table that looks exactly like yours. I inherieted it last month; my father was the original owner. I had a professional mover there but my brother was so anxious to help he cracked the 1-piece slate. I've been searching to find a replacement slate. If anyone has a like table that is beyound restoring I would be interested in purchasing the slate. Slate OD = 91-1/2" X 47-1/2" Playing area (rail nose to rail nose) = 88" X 44". Carrie from California (707) 224-8533

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All-Tech Industires Historical Information

  • Title: All-Tech Industires Historical Information
  • Author:
  • Published: 3/8/2011 10:55:40 AM