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Value of a 1923 L. Grauman Pool Table

Value of a 1923 L. Grauman Pool Table

What is the value of a Grauman pool table?

I have recently acquired a 1923 L. Grauman pool table (Denver, CO) and several accessories.

It is composed of 3 pieces of slate.

The table finish appears to be original with no damage anywhere beyond the "patina" that would be expected on anything that is 95 years old.

Many of the pieces appear to be parts of a complete set with 1923 dates and several matching shipping/inventory labels on various pieces.

The ball rack is clearly part of the table set, based on matching wood, finish and marquetry.

The cue rack is labeled The Brunswick-Blake-Collander Co. and has a part of a patent label.

The cues also carry the Brunswick label.

There are two sets of balls. One set appears to be older than the other.

The pocket leather is in very good condition except for the pockets themselves.

The ball rack and brush carry Brunswick labels.

Included are wood scoring beads plus some hanging chalk boxes and other miscellaneous pieces. Even some old chalk with labels and old cans of ball polish.

What do I have?

What is your estimate of value?

When I have it recovered, I assume that the bumpers should be replaced. True?

There are stencils on the frame and on the slate that say "head". Is that important?

An item of interest. I have been told that there is an old, large L. Grauman sign painted on a brick building somewhere in Colorado. I originally thought that it was in Central City or Blackhawk, but after viewing your blog, I believe that it may be in downtown Denver near Blake Street and the Rockies Ball Park (Coors Field). I will make a trip there to see if it exists.









Value of a 1923 L. Grauman Pool Table

Replies & Comments

  1. broomfieldbilliardsforum on 7/25/2019 5:49:14 PM

    What a fantastic find! Great pool table.

    I'll dig into this a bit more in the coming weeks for you, but for now, I found a reference in a 1911 Denver business directory, which lists the street address:

    GRAUMAN FIXTURE CO L, soda fountains, pool and billiard tables, store fixtures, located at 1540-42 Wazee

    Also see my reply to this post:

    Those cues really caught my eye though! They look to be in immaculate condition for their age.

    That Grauman Supply Co. cue is really great! I've not seen one of those before. It's really special in my opinion.

    Again, great find!

  2. broomfieldChopdoc on 7/25/2019 10:47:36 PM

    That Grauman cue is interesting. I am thinking it was made by Brunswick.

    I am very interested in the cue to the right of it. The butterfly splice cue. Any markings on it?

  3. broomfieldbroomfield on 7/26/2019 6:58:24 AM

    Thank you, good people, for your responses.

    The butterfly cue does not have any obvious markings beyond the number 18.

    I will anxiously await any additional information.

    Here are some better photos of the butterfly splice cue:





  4. broomfielduser1652541582 on 5/14/2022 8:19:43 AM

    This is located in Cripple Creek, CO. Photo taken 5-14-2022.


  5. broomfieldbroomfield on 5/14/2022 10:25:45 AM

    Thank you.

    I believe that there was a similar Grauman sign located in Black Hawk, Central City, or Denver Colorado, but I have not been able to locate it. I may have not put enough effort into the search, or it may have become a victim of development.

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Value of a 1923 L. Grauman Pool Table

  • Title: Value of a 1923 L. Grauman Pool Table
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  • Published: 7/14/2019 4:47:46 PM
  • Last Updated: 7/25/2019 5:45:11 PM
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