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Pool Table Spot Lifted

Pool Table Spot Lifted

Me and the wife just got a new Connelly pool table and it plays beautifully. the problem is the mother in law.. she is a beginner and when she went to break she hit the spot and now it has lifted. now half of the spot is always sticking up. i was just wondering if anyone knows what is used to adhere the spot back to the table.. any sort of special glue?

My friend said an iron will do the trick but i really don't see how that would help.

Any thoughts?

Pool Table Spot Lifted

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  1. PartyPooperbilliardsforum on 8/3/2008 9:18:41 AM

    Hey, no problem about the double post - happens to the best of us, and I already took care of it.

    As for your problem, others have recommended just replacing the spot, rather than trying to get the existing one re-adhere. (which it usually doesn't)

    You can buy replacement spots at amazon.com for a few bucks called Tefco Master Spots.

    There is another thread about replacement pool table spots here.

    Hope this helps, and good luck. Welcome to the forums, we hope you come back and post a little!

  2. PartyPooperquickshot on 8/3/2008 9:25:16 PM

    I wouldn't use an iron. You may end up burning the felt and then you will have a problem. Use the link given and buy a few extras in case one comes of sometimes. Mother in laws usually are a problem anyway.

  3. PartyPooperPooltable911 on 8/3/2008 11:31:25 PM

    The best thing you can do is take a new spot and before you stick it to the cloth ,spray 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to the back of the spot. Let it sit for 1 minute then apply to cloth. Since we have been doing this we have not had any complaints about spots lifting. If you e-mail your address I would be happy to mail you a couple of spots.

  4. PartyPooperPartyPooper on 8/5/2008 7:35:16 AM

    Thanks Pat, I just sent an email.

    Ya when she hit the spot I was hitting the roof on the inside. LOL

    One more question. How do I fully remove the bad spot? Do you guys recommend pulling it right off the cloth or should I pre-heat it somehow?

    Thanks again, Mike

  5. PartyPooperquickshot on 8/5/2008 9:14:44 AM

    You might try using some denatured alcohol. Pour some on a rag and "gently" dab at the spot and around it. The alcohol should dissolve any excess residual adhesive from the spot. "Gently" is the key word here. The only kind of heat that would come close to my table (if I had one) is the heat from the over head lights.

  6. PartyPooperPartyPooper on 8/7/2008 7:35:04 AM

    As soon as the new spots show up, i'll let you guys know how it turned out!

  7. PartyPooperRayMills on 12/7/2019 4:21:56 AM

    I think those spots disrupt a perfectly flat surface.

    Whenever I get a used pool table, I take the spots off and simply draw a small "crosshair" target on the cloth with a Sharpie pen. The hairs have to be big enough to be seen outside the rack, of course.

  8. PartyPooperbilliardsforum on 12/8/2019 5:56:56 AM

    @user1575719967 - I couldn't agree more.

    The thickness of those spots means that it will always affect the ball's path, no matter how well it is affixed.

    There's a reason we don't see these pool table spots on the tables used in professional tournaments, etc.

  9. PartyPooperBallBuster on 1/3/2020 6:43:36 PM

    Agreed. Take the spot off the pool table and leave it off.

    Make a dot with a pencil. You can also outline the rack this way. It works great.

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Pool Table Spot Lifted

  • Title: Pool Table Spot Lifted
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  • Published: 8/3/2008 12:04:10 AM